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Case Studies

"What results should I expect?" is a common question among restaurant marketers who are launching new programs or optimizing existing ones. Each case study in this library delivers a unique opportunity to see the results other restaurateurs are experiencing. 

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     Comp Card Programs   

Managing an Employee Dining Program Is a Piece of Cake

With several unique concepts and 35 locations throughout the United States, our client needed to streamline its employee dining program, which offers a monthly dining allowance to employees based on their individual role in the organization. The program was established not only to provide an extra employment perk, but also to enable employees to dine at the different concepts within the chain.

Turning Comps from a Pain to an Advantage

A national casual-dining restaurant group aimed to get control of its complimentary (comp) expenses. Using a manual legacy system invited fraud and abuse, while tracking with paper and spreadsheets proved cumbersome and error prone, artificially inflating sales-tax and income-tax liabilities.  

     Customer Acquisition   

Pie Five Pizza: Delivering a Loyal Customer Base for Each New Franchise Opening

As a franchise organization, Pie Five Pizza tries to help each new location hit the ground running by delivering a ready-made stream of loyal customers.  Before each new restaurant opens in a market, Pie Five leverages its Circle of Crust rewards program to generate a lot of buzz around the area. 

“The Free Pizza for a Year promotion is a fast, cost-effective way to drive new Circle of Crust registrations that specifically support each new store opening,” said Christina Coy, Vice President of Marketing for Pie Five Pizza Co. “This gives each new Pie Five location an immediate marketing base of loyal customers who are already engaging with our brand.”

Which Wich: New Vibe Club™ Rewards Program Makes Substantial Impact

Beginning in October 2015, Which Wich rolled out its Vibe Club™ Rewards program. Within about two months, it was installed in all of its 400 locations. Total same-store registration counts skyrocketed by more than 250% since the launch of the new loyalty program. 

“Which Wich set out to create a new points-based digital rewards program that would enable the brand to influence customer behavior by driving more visits, different purchase occasions, bigger tickets, and more add-on items such as drinks and cookies. We also wanted to directly measure the program impact. The Which Wich Vibe Club Rewards program has done all that and more,” said Chenin Pecora, Marketing Manager, Which Wich Superior Sandwiches.

Pie Five Pizza Successfully Targets Millennials with Paytronix-Powered Circle of Crust Rewards Program

In August 2013, when they had 11 locations, Pie Five Pizza launched its Circle of Crust guest appreciation program, which is built on the Paytronix Rewards Platform. As the company grew, so did the Circle of Crust. It provides Pie Five Pizza with a unique marketing vehicle that has allowed the fast-growing pizza chain to get much closer to its customers than competitors with much deeper advertising budgets.

Thorntons Matching Gift Campaign

Best Social Innovation – Thorntons “Matching Gift Campaign” leveraged the gas and convenience chain’s Paytronix-powered Refreshing Rewards program to simplify donations and reporting for the first localized charity campaign with the University of Louisville. As part of the partnership Thorntons integrated a donate-at-the-pump element, which contributed to the $6 million goal being met with guests donating $3 million dollars and Thorntons matching every contribution. With the Paytronix system in place and its first local market promotion successfully completed in Louisville, Thorntons is ready to execute additional campaigns that allow them to engage with their individual markets and give back to the communities it serves.

Beggars Pizza Big Cheese Club

Best Loyalty Launch Winner – Beggars Pizza’s new loyalty program, the "Big Cheese Club" was built for fast enrollment to ensure the loyalty program quickly made a positive business impact. In just six months, Beggars’ loyalty program met all of its goals for enrollment and registration, including a 7 percent boost in millennial enrollment.

Duffy’s Sports Grill – Big Game Giveaway

Most Relevant Messaging – Duffy’s Sports Grill “Big Game Giveaway” was designed to keep fans coming in to the Florida-based sports bar throughout the NFL season – whether or not the guests’ favorite teams were winning or losing.

“The Big Game Giveaway provided another reason for Duffy’s guests to engage, and they responded. Paytronix Real-Time Messaging enabled us to stimulate desired behavior. As a result, Duffy’s saw a big lift in traffic and sales,” said Sandy Nelson, Director of Marketing, Duffy’s Sports Grill.  

Yogurtland “Flavor Quest”

Loyalty InnovationYogurtland Flavor Quest” tripled participation in the international frozen yogurt chain’s Real Rewards loyalty program. Paytronix helped gamify the Yogurtland mobile application to compel more guest participation. With Flavor Quest, guests received a virtual passport that could be stamped every time they visited a Yogurtland location and tried a new exotic flavor. An overwhelming 32 percent of participants came in once a week or more during the promotion.

“It’s easy to be innovative when you have such an innovative software behind the program,” said Maggie Thomas, Research and Development Specialist at Yogurtland. “The product and the team are helping us reach our growth goals – it would be tough to do it without Paytronix.”

The Greene Turtle Innovates with Mobile Game Integration

Best Mobile Loyalty Innovation – The Greene Turtle “Greene Turtle Rewards Gamification.”

In a competitive market for mobile apps, The Greene Turtle’s Turtle Rewards app has distinguished itself by engaging consumers with sports-related games and prizes that connect beautifully with the casual dining chain’s sports-loving, competitive guests.  User-friendly iOS and Android versions of the app serve as powerful guest-acquisition tools, registering guests in the program in order to play and receive rewards, quickly generating a positive financial impact on the business.

“Guests who played the games visit 89 percent more than The Greene Turtle’s average guest and spend 58 percent more than that same pool of guests,” said Nick Kegg, marketing director for The Greene Turtle. “Not only are they playing, but they’re coming back and playing again.”

Enabling Profitable Customer Acquisition

A national casual restaurant aimed to expand its customer base and increase revenues. The restaurant’s marketing team created a unique promotion designed to bring in new guests and encourage follow-up visits. The initial offer consisted of a direct mail piece to local residents.

Generating a Stream of New Guests

A national casual restaurant chain sought to grow its customer base in a metropolitan area where it had multiple locations. The restaurant’s marketing team created a unique promotion designed to bring in new guests and encourage follow-up visits. The initial offer consisted of a direct mail piece to local residents.

Bravo Brio Restaurant Group Re-calibrates to Reward Guest Frequency

The Bravo Brio Restaurant Group (BBRG) first launched its surprise and delight rewards program in September 2012. The company had set a goal of generating a certain number of incremental visits per guest with the rewards program. When they did not see the numbers they were looking for right out of the gate, they decided to take a closer look at the program.

     Gift Card Promotions   

Grotto Pizza Fills Offseason Seats with Seasonal Gift Card Promotion Yielding 20% Year-over-Year Growth

Grotto Pizza's "Holiday Gift Card Campaign" generated more than 20% lift in 2015 sales when compared to the same store sales for the promotion in 2014. Using the Paytronix Gift Platform, Grotto Pizza offered customers a 20% bonus card add-on to the value of any gift cards purchased from November 13th through December 31st during 2015. In addition to creating incremental revenue, the bonus cards were redeemable only from January 1st until March 31st, thus driving off-season traffic.

 “The gift card program is not only working to increase business during the offseason, but we’ve seen a continued increase in card sales for several years with Paytronix, so it wasn’t just an initial spike from a new or one-time offer.” - Vinnie DiNatale, Director of Marketing at Grotto Pizza

Revitalizing Gift Card Sales in a Down Economy

A national fast-casual restaurant aspired to rejuvenate holiday gift card sales during the difficult economic downturn in late 2008. Toward that end, the restaurant developed a creative promotion to stimulate gift card sales. 

     Loyalty Promotions   

California Pizza Kitchen’s Mobile Rewards Program Delivers

In April 2013, the CPK Pizza Dough® Rewards program was delivered to the hands of millions of guests via its branded Android and iOS apps. With the points-based rewards, members earn $5 of Pizza Dough® for every $100 spent with each POS or online ordering transaction. Today, more than 80% of Pizza Dough members interact with the brand’s rewards program via the apps. Members identify themselves at the restaurant, check reward balances, and receive highly relevant, visit-inspiring messages on their devices.

CPK takes advantage of the Paytronix Data Insights premium analytics service to dive deeper into customer and campaign data and to help make decisions about where to take the Pizza Dough program next. CPK has not only enjoyed the benefits of sending relevant guest communications, it has also bolstered the impact of the marketing investment by:

Pizza Ranch Achieves 780% ROI with Black Friday Double-Points Promotion

Pizza Ranch's Ranch Rewards Black Friday Promotion" generated a 67.6% lift in sales along with an increase in gift card sales. Using the Paytronix Rewards Program Platform, Pizza Ranch deployed a double points promotion five days before the 2015 Black Friday event. Strategic segmentation allowed Pizza Ranch to send relevant messages to targeted audiences and ultimately generate extra visits on what is normally a slow day for business. Fortunately, all of the extra visits and spend came at little cost to Pizza Ranch.

“In doing double points promotions, we tend to have an incredible ROI. The only cost associated with these promotions is the value of the points that we give away. In the case of the 2015 Black Friday promotion, we had an ROI of 780%.” -- Courtney Boone, Loyalty Marketing Manager at Pizza Ranch.

Attention Franchisees: That “We Miss You” Offer Is Making You Lots of Money!

In a franchised restaurant organization, corporate frequently has to defend marketing programs to franchisees. In this case, franchisees were having difficulty seeing the value of the chain’s corporate-run win-back program. They were convinced that guests redeeming the “we miss you” offer were not spending any more than the offer’s retail value.

Birthday Program Results Sparkle

A regional quick-service restaurant chain wanted to create an exciting layer on top of their core loyalty program to motivate additional visits and generate active loyalty. The restaurant’s marketing team developed a birthday program to extend their Automatic Rewards loyalty program.

Compelling Birthday Celebrations at a Profit

Nearly every restaurant today offers a birthday promotion to lure guests in during their birthday month in an effort to attract yet one more visit to the restaurant brand (and away from competing brands). An urban casual-dining chain wanted these benefits and a means for measuring the profitability of the program while reducing fraud.

Chain Drives 21% Lift in Member Spend with Instant-Win Promotion

Faced with a perennial dip in sales due to winter weather and school vacations, a multi-unit, franchised, quick-service client asked what it could do to drive incremental sales in February. With the resource of its long-established loyalty program in place, the restaurant chain knew it had the opportunity to tap into its guest database to achieve this goal.

Double-Points Promo Delivers Double-Digit Results

A fast-casual restaurant group faced a common challenge: low traffic on Mondays. The group asked Paytronix to implement a double-points promotion on Mondays to increase guest visits.

Energizing Loyalty with an Instant-Win Promotion

A national casual-dining restaurant chain was eager to energize its loyalty program members and to increase program enrollment. The group asked Paytronix to implement a double-points promotion on Mondays to increase guest visits.

Loyalty Promotion Drives 65% Increase in Loyalty Spending

One of our pizza-chain clients wanted to boost traffic on chronically slow winter Wednesdays. The chain offered multiple 50%-off discounts on premium menu items to all registered loyalty card members. Because this chain caters to large party sizes that often include children, it believed offering multiple promotional items that could be redeemed all on one check would be a richer, more appealing offer to its loyalty guests.

Re-Energize Infrequent Guests with a Visit Challenge

A national casual restaurant chain wanted to increase the visit frequency of its less active loyalty members and capture a greater share of their spending. The restaurant group targeted infrequent loyalty program members with a bonus-points offer designed to encourage multiple visits.

Two-Day Promotion Drives 200% Lift in Member Spending

More than 90,000 members had participated in this client’s “buy 10, get one free” loyalty program. After reaping the benefits of its rewards program for more than six years, the fast-casual chain wanted to test to see just how quickly its loyal guests could drive more sales.

Using Promotions to Find Winning Menu Introductions

A growing national quick-service restaurant wanted to test the appeal of new menu items and then refresh its menu with the high-performing selections. The restaurant launched a two-week double-points promotion designed to encourage customers to try the new sandwich selections.

Winning Guests Back at a Profit

All restaurants strive to keep guests coming back again and again. But inevitably, some guests stop visiting for reasons that may not be apparent to the restaurateur. Faced with this common challenge, a fast-casual chain looked to its loyalty program for a win-back solution.

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