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Build your brand, one click at a time.

Acquire new customers and capture important data by putting your best digital foot forward using branded apps, responsive microsites and an enticing menu featuring custom photos of your cuisine.

Hero Multi Unit Restaurants O&D

Online ordering system & CX marketing platform for multi-unit restaurants

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FEEDbackSM Tool

Integrated surveys deliver valuable insights leading to improved performance across locations while giving managers the ability to recover customers and reduce churn quickly.
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Menu Management

Keep customers happy by keeping menus up-to-date, when you make changes across all platforms with a single click from a centralized portal.
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Order Experience BuilderSM

Fast, easy, and cost effective way to customize your digital ordering. The first-of-it's kind solution helps your brand.
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Delivery Options

Whether your own drivers, a third-party, or the most popular aggregators, delivery is easy with estimated delivery times, excellent guest communication, and streamlined workflows.
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Take orders directly from third-party marketplaces and automatically insert them into your point of sale system streamlining operations, centralizing reporting, and reducing order errors.

I would absolutely never have had the ability to know and act on customer order level insights if it weren’t for the loyalty program and messaging.

Emily Mastrantonio, Director of Digital Media and Communications Walk-On’s Sports Bistreaux
Takeout orders grew by 2.5 times greater than pre-COVID

Multi-Unit Restaurants Order Experience Builder

Customer-centric customization

With Paytronix you can update all your online menus with one click providing the most accurate pricing and item availability while making sure your customers have the best possible experience.

Multi Unit Restaurants Order Experience Builder

Multi-Unit Restaurants Handoff

Ensure order accuracy

Using HandoffSM allows you to integrate with all the aggregators making sure the orders coming through their system get entered correctly and fulfilled properly reducing effort for your team while delighting your guests.

Multi Unit Restaurants Handoff

Mobile Apps for Multi-Unit Restaurants

Build an app, beat the competition

Apps don’t only make the ordering and delivery experience effortless; they help you get to know and communicate with your customers and provide a perfect place to enroll loyalty members and deliver rewards.

Multi Unit Restaurants Mobile App

Dig deeper into the full Paytronix Platform for multi-unit restaurants

OO Report 2023 Hero
Explore how digital ordering has evolved in the new 2023 Online Ordering Report
Full of valuable insights for any brand with an online presence, the 2023 Online Ordering Report explores industry trends across the digital landscape, with a focus on sales, guest experience, fulfillment methods and guest retention. Key trends analyzed include:
  • 30.7% digital orders as a percentage of total orders 
  • 11.3% average increase in digital order price 
  • 35% percent more loyalty members on average use first-party ordering vs. third-party ordering

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