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You’re convenient by nature, now be indispensable.

Create exceptional customer experiences utilizing leading loyalty solutions from Paytronix and you’ll drive more customers in store with personalized promotions featuring your favorite CPG partners across all categories.

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Convenience store customer experience management platform

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Loyalty Programs for Convenience Stores

One great experience begets another and another and another...

Our founders developed an all-in-one platform to help convenience store operators build incremental revenue by creating amazing customer experiences of their own. Dozens of clients and millions of customers later, the results speak for themselves.

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Online Ordering for Convenience Stores

Drive customers from pump to curbside

By combining online ordering with loyalty and mobile app development, we help you make it easy to get customers from pump to curbside. Paytronix is the only company capable of providing safe, convenient service to meet your and your customer’s needs.

Cstore Online Ordering

We were really blown away by what the data was telling us. Keep in mind, we took quite a conservative approach with our lift assumptions, and just seeing the results validated a key goal for our program.

Darrin Samaha, Vice President of Marketing Yesway
Loyalty members spent 27.3% more after joining the program.

CRM for Convenience Store

All-in-one makes it easy

By combining collected data with powerful algorithms and marketing automation, we make it easy for you to create a loyalty program and deliver promotions, discounts, and contests, tailored to individual behavior. As you’ll see, personal engagement pays.

Cstore CRM

Convenience Store Integrations

From POS to payments we integrate with all your partners

At the heart of every convenience store business is technology, connecting your customer from pump to POS and you to your customers through our online ordering, mobile experiences, and loyalty programs.

Cstore Integrations

Artificial Intelligence for Convenience Stores

Let the computer do the work.

From predictive models to uncovering customer clusters to micro-segmentation, Paytronix AI helps you deliver true 1:1 marketing at scale so your offers, messages and incentives are right on time and always relevant to the individual.

Cstore AI

Now we have a powerful system that can do a whole lot more, especially with custom promotions and 1:1 marketing. With offers that make guests feel like they're getting a personalized deal, every engagement with Maverik is a unique and rewarding adventure.

Chuck Maggelet, Chief Executive Officer Maverik, Inc.
Maverik Testimonial
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Our Annual Loyalty Report Is Now Available.

Elevate your marketing strategies with insights from our latest report! Discover key trends, such as surging loyalty memberships, boosted check sizes for loyal customers, the effectiveness of email in driving guest visits, and the impact of returning to the office on loyalty rewards. Uncover how loyalty has forged deeper connections with guests in our timely, must-read report.


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