4 signs your loyalty program needs a revamp 

Put your brand in the palm of their hand

With Paytronix, you can either brand our white-label app or build a customized one that enables your guests to order, make payments, and access your loyalty program. You’ll create an amazing personal experience by meeting your customers where they live – on their smartphone.

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A CXP with mobile experiences built to acquire, engage and retain customers

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Mobile Phones

Mobile Experience Builder
Take control of your branding and guest experience

Self-service portal that supports real-time, in-app updates.
Ensure guests have access to up-to-date information, including announcements and limited-time offers.

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Customer Acquisition

Better experience, stronger engagement

From acquiring new loyalty program participants to expanding customer reach with the refer-a-friend capability to increasing purchases through timely promotions, there’s nothing more effective than an app (iOS or Android) and a responsive mobile website.

Refer Friend

Personal Messaging

Each customer gets custom outreach

Take control of your customer data and deliver true 1:1 marketing by sending targeted offers and incentives (push, pull, SMS, geofenced) to specific customers. This direct communication throughout the customer journey makes all of your marketing efforts pay off.

Custom Outreach

Customers prefer contactless experiences

Build sustainable growth by giving your guests what they want – fast, easy ordering and payment, frictionless integration with third-party delivery apps, and the ability to go contactless with fast payments and quick curbside pickups.

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Get the most out of your marketing efforts

Benefit Acquire Customers
Acquire more customers
Benefit Increase Participation
Increase loyalty participation
Benefit Spur Action
Motivate action with personal experiences

We’re thrilled to launch this first-of-its-kind Alltown Fresh® App to our guests. The ability to custom-order your sandwich, smoothie, or salad – and use the same app to fuel your car and pay without touching the PIN pad – is a game-changer.

Joanna Linder, Vice President of Marketing Global Partners, LP
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Five best practices to set your brand up for success

The order-and-delivery industry continues to grow rapidly, with sales projections soaring north of $28 billion by 2023. Once dominated by independent order-and-delivery platforms, recent mergers and acquisitions are driving restaurants and convenience stores to seek out the best way to add the offering to their brand.


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