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Paytronix All-in-One Customer Engagement Platform

The Paytronix customer engagement platform for restaurants and convenience stores creates loyal customers that spend more, visit more, and talk about your brand more. Brands use Paytronix because it’s easy. All the tools are in one platform: customer loyalty programs, CRM, payment solutions, and online ordering. Give your guests a seamless experience that keeps them coming back.

More than 400 brands choose Paytronix.

Thank guests for buying more.

This proven customer loyalty solution has the greatest availability, the most high-impact features, and the best integrations with POS and ordering platforms. Everything has been designed to help you use guest insights to drive sales. 

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Get to know your guests without rewards.

This best-in-class acquisition, engagement, and retention solution gives you ownership of your customer database. It features omnichannel engagement and highly customizable promotions, coupons, and guest feedback surveys. 

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Order, pay, and repeat.

Guest-centric payment solutions remove friction and compel customers to return. Our innovations include pay-by-mobile, comp, combined stored-value and loyalty accounts, and Apple and Google mobile wallets with NFC Loyalty.

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Order & Delivery
Order & Delivery
Drive more orders.

From setup to delivery, Paytronix covers the entire ordering experience. The online ordering system, including menu management, order assurance, and a feedback tool, ensures that you have the resources to maximize customer lifetime value.

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