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Deliver the right message the right way at the right time

With Paytronix’ marketing engagement and automation, you’ll leverage zero- and first-party data to quickly and easily produce truly personal, relevant omnichannel campaigns and offers at scale.

CRM Hero

Build great customer relationships with a trusted CRM platform

Data Insights for Restaurants and Convenience Stores

Build better relationships through data

When you know your customers, including their history, activity and preferences, you can serve them better by providing relevant messages in any channel from a single interface.

Personal Data
Stat New Brand

“We Miss You Campaigns” are improved by 10.9x when personalized to individual behaviors and historical activity.

Marketing Campaigns for Restaurants and Convenience Stores

Create campaigns in 5 minutes or less

If you need revenue, the last thing you can afford is to waste time collating data and messaging from disparate systems. With Paytronix everything is available on one platform, empowering you to create personal, dynamic campaigns in minutes.

Five Minute Campaigns

Marketing Campaign Reporting for Restaurants and Convenience Stores

Increase ROI in real-time

Not every campaign performs the way you planned. Paytronix understands this and has built a platform that offers real-time performance analysis. Now you can iterate and optimize with full awareness of your campaign’s actual impact.


Add agility to your activity

Powerful features help you create an experience that drives engagement.

Feature Omnichannel

Omnichannel Messages

Engage guests in their preferred method: SMS, in-app push messaging, email, or geofenced.
Feature Dynamic Filters

Dynamic Account Filters

Create an account filter for your campaigns, and be sure that messages are received only by those who fit the filter.
Feature Reusable Filters

Reusable Account Filters

Eliminate busy work by storing high performing audience filters, to run repeat campaigns on an automated, time boxed basis.
Feature Click To Load

Click to LoadSM Offers

Increase attribution and forecast better with offers that are delivered only to the email addresses of guests who engage.
Feature Target Control

Target and Control Campaigns

Create accurate marketing-spend attribution for promotions by comparing activity in target and control groups to help determine ROI.

Paytronix helps manage our loyalty program as well as our email platform. They’ve been so great with helping us target and control different campaigns, and it really helps to make everything more personalized.

Rachel Robinson, Brand Manager California Pizza Kitchen
CPK Testimonial
Loyalty Report 2023 Hero
Our Annual Loyalty Report Is Now Available.

Elevate your marketing strategies with insights from our latest report! Discover key trends, such as surging loyalty memberships, boosted check sizes for loyal customers, the effectiveness of email in driving guest visits, and the impact of returning to the office on loyalty rewards. Uncover how loyalty has forged deeper connections with guests in our timely, must-read report.


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