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Plan, execute, and analyze with ease

With Paytronix marketing automation, you’ll create consistent, personalized customer experiences, deliver them across channels, and drive incremental visits from frequent, lapsed, and even lost customers. Loyalty rings registers and that’s what we help you build.

Marketing Automation Hero

Marketing automation for restaurants and convenience stores

How It Works

1 Identify Clusters

Identify clusters or segments with artificial intelligence

2 Build Campaigns

Build personal campaigns in 5 minutes or less

3 Test

Test channels, messages, and offers

3 Analyze

Analyze in real time and report attribution


Email, text, push – oh my!

The best way to reach your guests depends on the individual. Deliver the best experience and increase guest engagement with a flexible marketing automation system that lets you test, learn about, and optimize personalized messages and offers.



Work smarter, not harder

Take the guesswork out of your campaign planning and execution by using the nearly 60 preloaded filters to help you fine-tune your campaigns. Plus, you can measure the precise lift of all of your campaigns for easy reporting.


Promotion Types

More is more in this case

Run national programs or drive local marketing efforts with the most out-of-the-box promotion types in the industry. From BOGOs and visit challenges to demographic and geographic campaigns, the opportunity is only limited by your imagination.

Promotion Types


Measure what you manage

An easy-to-use dashboard lets you track the results of your efforts, including total spend, EatThru StatsSM, and additional products sold. Easily visualize and report your success to your leadership team. Take a bow.



Get the most out of your marketing efforts

Benefit Agile Campaign
Create agile campaigns
Benefit Real Time Analysis
Get real-time analysis and attribution
Benefit Optimization
Increase optimization and yield


Powerful features allow you to create an experience that drives engagement.

Feature Kmeans Cluster

K-Means Clustering

Identify the most valuable clusters in your data set and deliver targeted offers to each.
Feature Segmentation


Create an unlimited number of reusable segments and target them with automated campaigns.
Feature Target Control

Target and Control

Quickly use A/B testing in Target and Control groups to optimize offers and messages.
Feature Click Load

Click to LoadSM

Accurately attribute spend on discounted items with click-to-load campaigns delivered via email.
Feature Survey Tools

Survey Tools

Automatically reward guests with the help of built-in surveys.

The results far exceeded what we were initially hoping for. We had really strong re-engagement. Not only did we win the customer back, those customers that we won back visited us a subsequent time.

Ryan Wilkinson , Marketing Manager Primanti Bros.
On average, guests who received an offer visited at nearly twice the rate of the control group, a 90% visit increase.
Loyalty Report 2023 Hero
Our Annual Loyalty Report Is Now Available.

Elevate your marketing strategies with insights from our latest report! Discover key trends, such as surging loyalty memberships, boosted check sizes for loyal customers, the effectiveness of email in driving guest visits, and the impact of returning to the office on loyalty rewards. Uncover how loyalty has forged deeper connections with guests in our timely, must-read report.


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