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Create a business that builds upon itself year after year after year

Regular customers create 80% of your future revenue. So generate more of them with both a custom loyalty program that grows your brand and delivers an experience your guests deserve.

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High-impact loyalty programs for restaurants and convenience stores that scale

More visits, higher spend per visit, and a value-per-customer increase of 23% are some of the results for delivering rewards and experiences that guests love.

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For Multi-Unit Restaurants
You can bring guests to your location, website, or app, and grow your business with promotions and offers that are based on their personal activity and tastes.
Independent Restaurant
For Small to Medium Restaurants
The Paytronix platform helps restaurant groups from 1-15 units create great guest experiences by engaging guests with the right message at the right time to drive additional orders and increase spend.
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For Convenience Stores
After enticing drivers to gas up at your pump, drive them in store with sophisticated campaigns and offers featuring prepared foods, coffee, drinks, and snacks.
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Reach upwards of 47% loyalty member penetration rate with Paytronix.

Data Insights for Restaurants and Convenience Stores

You’re not alone.

Whether you’re a data scientist or not, our Strategy & Analytics team is here to set goals, measure KPIs, provide benchmarking, help with analytics, and uncover new opportunities that increase your revenue.

Data Insights Kpis

We were really blown away by what the data was telling us. Keep in mind, we took quite a conservative approach with our lift assumptions, and just seeing the results validated a key goal for our program.

Darrin Samaha, Vice President of Marketing Yesway
Loyalty members spent 27.3% more after joining the program.

E-A-T as easy as A-B-C

Our loyalty programs make it easy for you to enroll more guests, capture more data and trigger more repeat business – all from our self-service platform.

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Use customer data to find and engage the “most likely to enroll” and then offer more ways to join: POS, SMS, in-app, online, email, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.

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Simplify how members ID themselves and track all transactions so you can create personalized programs based on activity and desired products.

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Easy-to-use tools help you create 1:1 messages that stimulate repeat business, and build urgency to add-on to purchases with instant wins, visit challenges, and limited-time offers.

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Make quick, data-driven decisions and pivot on a dime to optimize your program using real-time ROI analysis and tout your success with easy-to-read, easy-to-share reports.

Only with Paytronix

increase in order frequency when paired with a loyalty program
participation rates our best clients achieve
increase in campaign effectiveness when using 1:1 marketing

We can see how frequently customers come in and what they like to buy, and then target campaigns in a more one-to-one manner based on their lifecycle stage and behavior.

Lisa Regelman, Director of Loyalty Peet's Coffee
Peet's Coffee Brews up 350% increase in members with the relaunch of Peetnik Rewards on Paytronix Platform
Loyalty Report 2023 Hero
Our Annual Loyalty Report Is Now Available.

Elevate your marketing strategies with insights from our latest report! Discover key trends, such as surging loyalty memberships, boosted check sizes for loyal customers, the effectiveness of email in driving guest visits, and the impact of returning to the office on loyalty rewards. Uncover how loyalty has forged deeper connections with guests in our timely, must-read report.


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