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Marketing to one starts by collecting data from billions

Simply put, we’ve collected the most data from the most consumer transactions in the industry, so our Artificial Intelligence has stronger models, deeper insights, and more accurate predictions, all waiting to power your 1:1 marketing.

AI Hero

Personalize the customer experience with data-driven marketing campaigns powered by AI

AI to IASM is not an add-on at Paytronix. Everything you do with us will have AI and Machine Learning baked in. So, when you set out to create great guest experiences and run new campaigns, you can be confident that our decision engines are using insights and making recommendations that have worked for years.

Customer Insights for Restaurants and Convenience Stores

Insights lead to impact

AI to IASM supports all your 1:1 marketing efforts so you reach the right people with the right message at the right time to drive amazing results.

Data Insights

Only with Paytronix

ROI utilizing Menu Clustering
Increase in spend
Increase in guest visits

K-Means Clustering for Restaurants and Convenience Stores

Find groups ready to buy

With K-means clustering, AI to IASM identifies distinct clusters of guests that are ready to buy, and makes specific offer suggestions to drive results. All you have to do is take the credit.

K Means Clustering

Customer Segmentation for Restaurants and Convenience Stores

Improve performance through segmentation

Realize the potential of your data to impact your results through powerful guest segmentation. Now you can use individual behaviors to send specific offers and messages while we calculate the impact for you.


Predictive Analytics for Restaurants and Convenience Stores

Your “likelihood to succeed” skyrockets

Paytronix’s powerful predictive analytics, driven by our huge data set, is delivered to you in a simplified dashboard so you’ll know which of your guests is “most likely” to engage with your brand in any way, and you can create custom programs based on their habits.

Predictive Analytics

Through the SmashClub Rewards program, we utilized the Paytronix tools to tailor communications in a targeted way to what guests enjoy.

Lexi Ryan, Loyalty Manager Smashburger
The loyalty program accounted for a staggering 6.5% of the brand's overall sales growth for the year.
Loyalty Report 2023 Hero
Our Annual Loyalty Report Is Now Available.

Elevate your marketing strategies with insights from our latest report! Discover key trends, such as surging loyalty memberships, boosted check sizes for loyal customers, the effectiveness of email in driving guest visits, and the impact of returning to the office on loyalty rewards. Uncover how loyalty has forged deeper connections with guests in our timely, must-read report.


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