Is your loyalty program ready for 2023? 

From insights to impact

Paytronix runs all of your customer data through our powerful algorithms uncovering actionable insights that you can use to optimize your campaigns, create new opportunities and produce amazing results.

Customer Insights Hero

Customer insights and analytics for restaurants and convenience stores

How it works

1 First Party Data

First-party activity creates a data profile for each guest

2 Analysis

Paytronix AI to IASM platform analyzes guest behaviors

3 Behavioral Trends

Behavioral trends inform new strategic initiatives

4 Targeted Messages

Targeted, personalized offers and messages trigger new activity

Strategic Marketing Team

We’ve got your back

Offered as an additional service, a dedicated team provides you advice on goal setting, benchmarking, and KPI evaluation, as well as guidance on program design and campaign optimization. It’s good to know you’re not alone in building your programs.

Strategic Marketing Team

1:1 Marketing

Personalization to the Nth degree

Profiles are built through guest activity, and this data can help you create personalization at scale, increasing campaign returns up to 500% by quickly and easily tailoring offers and messages around specific habits.

1 1 Marketing

Predictive Analytics

Improve your “likelihood to succeed”

Paytronix continually monitors your customers’ habits to predict behavior, determining each guest’s “likelihood to” take an action. Organized in a visual dashboard, these insights can be leveraged to create custom programs that deliver amazing results.

Predictive Analytics


Get the most out of your marketing efforts

Benefit Customer LTV
Increase Customer Lifetime Value
Benefit Loyalty
Increase Loyalty
Benefit Media Efficiency
Improve Media Efficiency
CLV Data Brief Gift 2
Unwrap Customer Lifetime Value this Winter

Major brands like Disney and Amazon know their customers' value backwards and forwards. But this valuable metric isn't reserved just for multi-billion dollar brands. Thanks to readily available data, now restaurants and convenience stores can calculate this powerful metric as well.

Read this research brief from our Data Insights team and see how you can better understand the value of each of your customers before the New Year.


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