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Fast, easy payment solutions = increased lifetime value

Providing frictionless payment options for your guests, regardless of payment type, at the pump, in store, or online creates loyal guests who engage with your brand again and again and again.

Payments Hero

A CXP with frictionless payment solutions for restaurants and convenience stores

Loyalty Currency for Restaurants and Convenience Stores

It pays to create superfans

Superfans deserve super service. So, make it super easy for them to redeem what they’ve earned, whether it’s points or items, both on- and off-premises, with Paytronix proprietary solutions.

Loyalty Currency

Gift and Stored Value for Restaurants

Convenience creates repeat customers

With Paytronix your guests are able to combine loyalty rewards and gift programs and then reload their stored value with ease. This makes it easy to purchase on the fly and is perfect for high-frequency, low-check transactions.

Gift Stored Value

Comp Cards for Restaurants

Build the brand, control your costs

Recover lost customers, activate repeat visits, or simply improve employee morale with a special employee dining program. Paytronix comp cards make tracking spend, controlling costs, and building your brand easy.

Comp Cards

Payment Processing for Restaurants and Convenience Stores

Security is Job #1

As a payments processor, Paytronix stores a tokenized version of your guests’ credit card information so that they can quickly and easily check out from online ordering, purchase gift cards, e-gift, or enroll in your new subscription offering.

Security Credit Card Tokenization

Google and Apple Pay for Restaurants and Convenience Stores

Faster is better

Whether from a website or a custom app, providing fast, secure checkout with Google Pay and Apple Pay makes every purchase easy for your guests. And when ordering is easy, they order more.

NFC Google Apple Pay

Mobile Payments for Restaurants and Convenience Stores

Speed kills the competition

Creating great guest experiences means never having to say you’re “sorry.” Using NFC (near-field communications), fast, secure payments at the pump or at your POS with scan and pay from mobile phones means shorter lines, more convenience, and happier guests.

Pay At Pump

With Paytronix, it’s easy for me and each restaurant to run reports. With one click the software lets each franchise see its store’s exact outstanding gift card liability.

Scott Pierce, Chief Financial Officer The Melting Pot
Melting Pot Testimonial
Right Sizing Loyalty Hero Option2
Right-Sizing Your Loyalty Program

Discover how to strengthen your restaurant's loyalty programs in the aftermath of inflation. Learn to adeptly adjust loyalty strategies to effectively manage guest reactions, drawing inspiration from successful cases such as Caribou Coffee and Dutch Bros Coffee. Our latest resource, backed by expert insights, provides essential guidance to navigate these changes seamlessly and uphold customer loyalty.


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