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A frictionless experience for you and your guests

Combining data and marketing automation in one unified dashboard makes it easy for you and makes it easy for your guests to engage with your brand while becoming loyal customers.

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All-In-One Customer Experience Platform

You should never be limited by a third party's roadmap, so we built an all-in-one platform that makes you the most capable marketer you can be, even as we innovate faster than the competition.

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More Agility
Create and deploy omnichannel campaigns in 5 minutes or less from a single pane of glass
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More Creativity
Build a custom program to suit your guests’ needs from the most core design options in the industry
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More Capability
Personalize digital marketing efforts and connect it to actual guest spend for easy ROI attribution

Online Order & Delivery for Restaurants and C-Stores

Increase order frequency

With our all-in-one platform, your marketing efforts become more effective when you combine services. For example, clients who utilize both online ordering and a loyalty program increase order frequency by an average 18%.

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Loyalty Programs for Restaurants and C-Stores

Increase loyalty

Most competitive offerings are complicated and limited in capability, which throttles loyalty program penetration. But benefiting from more ways to enroll and more promotion types, our best clients achieve participation rates of 50-70%.  

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CRM Software for Restaurants and C-Stores

Increase campaign effectiveness

Deep insight into your customers’ behavior enables you to send personal, targeted, real-time messages and offers at scale. By leveraging data, our clients typically see this 1:1 messaging increase effectiveness by 400-500%.

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The guest journey is flawless, too

With over 450 integrations, including over 30 integrations with POS systems alone, the Paytronix platform expands your ability to surprise and delight your customers. From enhancing customer identification, to powering real-time accruals and redemptions, to delivering item-level promos and discounts, these integrations add value across the entire guest journey.

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Only with Paytronix

40+ billion
OO Report 2023 Hero
Explore how digital ordering has evolved in the new 2023 Online Ordering Report
Full of valuable insights for any brand with an online presence, the 2023 Online Ordering Report explores industry trends across the digital landscape, with a focus on sales, guest experience, fulfillment methods and guest retention. Key trends analyzed include:
  • 30.7% digital orders as a percentage of total orders 
  • 11.3% average increase in digital order price 
  • 35% percent more loyalty members on average use first-party ordering vs. third-party ordering

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