4 signs your loyalty program needs a revamp 

Win employees hearts the old-fashioned way – through their stomachs

Keep your employees happy, motivated, and, well, loyal by implementing an employee dining solution that rewards them with flexible dining benefits. Bonus: It could reduce your labor costs.

Employee Dining Hero

Reward & recognize employees with a dining incentive program

How it works

1 Enroll

Enroll employees via SMS, Apple Pay, Google Pay, apps, or your POS

2 Incentives

Offer dollar value, percentage-based incentives, or both

3 Tiers

Assign employees to different tiers with different benefits

4 Reward

Reward individual employees with a push of a button

5 Track Activity

Track all activity through your POS system with weekly transaction reports

Employee Enrollment

Easy enrollment, easier fulfillment

Enrolling employees is fast and easy, either individually or through bulk upload, and so is managing the program. You can assign tiers, benefits, and rewards, and even link employee dining cards to employee numbers and add to your ADP file.


Employee Surveys

Motivate usage with timely messages

Build enthusiasm for your latest promotions, create weekly campaigns to spur in-store spending, and engage employees with customer surveys. It’s all possible because the program runs on our industry-leading loyalty platform.

Employee Survey

Real-Time Tracking

Track, reconcile, relax

Most employee dining solutions are manual and an administrative nightmare, creating opportunities for waste or fraud. With Paytronix, you get an easy-to-read dashboard that tracks all activity in real time.

Track Reconcile


Get the most out of your employee dining efforts

Benefit Happy Employees
Create happy employees
Benefit Fraud
Limit waste and fraud
Benefit Excitement
Generate excitement for promotions
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