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Rutter’s Sees 25% Lift with Paytronix Online Ordering

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Rutter’s is a gas station and convenience store with an extensive menu of made-to-order food.

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Rutter’s launched Paytronix Online Ordering in March of 2023, combining it with loyalty to build a true digital guest engagement program. With one of the largest menus in the industry, digital channels offered the best opportunity for growth. Prior to adding online ordering, Rutter’s customers waited for made-to-order items in crowded stores. The brand’s loyalty program, while strong, was also beginning to plateau. Online ordering offered Rutter’s a way to reinvigorate its loyalty program and provide customers with more personalized, and convenient digital experience.

A One-Stop-Shop Brand Gets Even More Efficient.

Rutters Penetration

37% Penetration
By releasing online ordering only to its VIP loyalty members, Rutter’s added a new level of convenience to a personalized and valuable program. The additional sales channel also enabled the brand to reach new guests, driving the penetration rate to a historical high. Today, 37% of all checks Rutter’s receives are attributable to loyalty.

Rutters Visit Lift

+25% Visit Lift
Rutter’s order-ahead feature has enabled customers to receive their orders faster and they’re coming in more often because of it – since launch, Rutter’s has seen a 25 percent increase in visits among loyalty members. The time-saving benefits of online ordering have seamlessly woven the brand into customers’ daily lives, providing their favorite items faster than ever.

Rutters VIP

+10% VIP Check Size
Rutter’s loyalty and online ordering are saving customers time and money. That kind of value creates deeper engagement with the brand. Rutters’ most valuable loyalty members are spending 10 percent more with every visit, and they’re visiting more often.

“At Rutter’s we’re determined to be the best in every category, meeting every customer’s needs with convenience and unparalleled value. Paytronix has provided a strong guest engagement strategy that’s enabled us to stay ahead of a constantly evolving industry. Adding online ordering to our loyalty program has deepened that engagement, reaching more customers where they are, and giving them yet another reason not to go anywhere else.”

Chris Hartman
VP of Fuels, Advertising, and Development

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Our Annual Loyalty Report Is Now Available.

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