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Turning Menu Views into Online Orders at National Coney Island

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One Small Tweak Created an Uptick in Orders for National Coney Island

National Coney Island has a longstanding partnership with Paytronix, which powers the Coney-dog retailer’s order, delivery, and customer loyalty programs. In 2021, the All-American classics food chain needed a tech-first solution to increase online orders, especially since many stores were low on staff.

Online orders mean less in-store lines, without sacrificing a great customer experience. By taking a look at the most-ordered menu items, Paytronix generated a new menu that was shown to customers ordering through the mobile app, coupled with a $5-off coupon.

After randomized customer testing between the classic menu and the new one, the results were clear. Guests who saw the new menu could quickly and easily find the item to satisfy their craving — whether it’s a Coney dog, a Sanders sundae, or breakfast for dinner — and would order more often than those who viewed the classic menu.

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Coney by the Numbers

As a result of the menu test, National Coney Island saw an ROI 27x the cost of the reward. Here’s a breakdown:

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“Maintaining a successful loyalty program without a marketing team is possible with thoughtful execution strategies.”

— Brian Buck, Director of Information Technology, National Coney Island
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