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Customers relish Mr. Pickle’s delivery

Mr. Pickles sees a
25% increase in digital same-store sales
with Paytronix guest engagement platform.

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From PAR to Whole-In-One

Looking to grow its online presence quickly and easily, Mr. Pickle’s combined PAR with the full Paytronix platform. Since launching March 2022, Mr. Pickles has more than doubled its online sales with a branded mobile app that averages 1,700 downloads per month. As online orders grow past 42% of the brand’s sales, Mr. Pickles is charging head-on into the digital future.

Serving Every Customer, One-To-One

Amidst rapid growth, Mr. Pickle’s wanted to maintain the personable and familiar guest experience of its first location in San Mateo, California in 1995. Paytronix guest surveys enabled the brand to communicate with customers on a one-to-one level and save countless customers, even increasing the visit frequency of those initially dissatisfied with their experience.

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Founded in 1995, San Mateo, California.
Recently opened first location in Scottsdale AZ.

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Paytronix platform deployed for: Loyalty, Gift, Order & Delivery, Mobile App

Paytronix enabled employees to focus on the sandwiches, while Pickle Points Rewards gained 2,500+ new members every month.

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“The speed at which feature upgrades are added to the Paytronix platform is refreshing and continues to enhance the guest experience across every touchpoint. Our guests can see everything in a clean, well-presented way that enables them to get exactly what they want.”

Chris Schefler, Director of Brand Management

Mr. Pickle’s Sandwich Shop

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