The Loyaltees Awards highlight leading and innovative brands in the restaurant and retail industries. When it comes to incredible guest engagement strategies, this year's winners set a new standard of excellence.

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Learn quickly, act instantly, and create revenue from carefully crafted customer relationships.

Loyal customers spend more, visit more, and talk about your brand more than your average guests. Paytronix gives you the power to create incredible loyalty with software and services designed for multiunit chains. Strengthen relationships, create rich customer profiles, and have a system that predictably produces sales.

High-fidelity software, 99.99% uptime, more than 27 POS integrations, real-time customer engagement, and a team of seasoned technology and marketing experts make Paytronix the partner of choice for more than 300 of the most innovative and forward-thinking chains.

identify Customers

Getting to know your customers starts with the ability to tie individuals to their purchase behaviors. Identifying your customers is step one, and only the Paytronix software excels at connecting those dots.

Identify your customers with Paytronix.

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amplify sales

Once you know your customers, opportunities abound for driving revenue growth, increasing lifetime value, and improving retention. Paytronix provides all the tools and wisdom you need to motivate your customers toward higher levels of frequency and spend with your business.

Amplify your brand’s market presence, customer relationships, and revenue with Paytronix. Contact us today.

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Learn why loyalty doesn't start till the fourth visit
Get your guests to reach this important milestone

Download our latest article "Discover the Proverbial Gold Mine After the Fourth Visit" and uncover why it is more important than ever that those experiencing a brand for the first time become repeat customers.