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Dutch Bros Goes Digital and Gains 1.4 million Members in One Month with Paytronix Loyalty

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A Seamless, Digital Consumer Rewards Program

A growing national coffee chain in a competitive market dominated by national brands, Dutch Bros Coffee needed a new, contactless way to connect with customers during a global pandemic. The brand unveiled its first-ever digital loyalty program using the Paytronix customer experience platform, replacing its previous punch-card system and gaining 1.4 million members in just the first month.

Built on the Paytronix platform, the Dutch Bros app uses a points-based system in which customers earn rewards, win contests, and receive the one-of-a-kind, personal, Dutch Bros experience in a digital format. Paytronix data-driven insights, AI to IASM technology, and comprehensive campaign tactics and capabilities continue to drive incentives and gain transactions, bringing a new digital layer to the Dutch Bros experience.

Dutch Bros App
The Right Message, the Right Time

Over 220,000 lapsed members were won back in a single month, enabled by Paytronix’s data-driven, AI-powered technology.

Dutch Bros Results

Other metrics and capabilities
Personalization and audience segmentation
Gamification to incentivize users
Digitized Dutch Bros stickers
Live nurturing for each user journey

“We needed a partner with a platform that provided capabilities that we were able to tap into for custom features like app stickers and hookups, but most importantly allowing the digital experience to be truly ‘Dutch.’ The Paytronix platform enabled Dutch Bros to do just that.”

— Anne Schultheis, Director of Loyalty, Dutch Bros
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