Paytronix-Powered Promo Boosts The Counter's Average Ticket by $5
Program Benefits Hidden by Homogeneous Email Program

The Kahala Brands marketing team was eager to work with The Counter’s Paytronix-powered Counter Points loyalty program so that it could get to know the brand’s loyal fans. The goals were to create excitement and engagement among the Counter Points members, raise visits and spend to new heights, and demonstrate how the program benefits the brand to its franchisee community.

“Big Game” Campaign

Members were sent a one-to-one survey that asked which team would be victorious in the “Super Big Trademarked Game” – “Team Green” or “Team Blue.” The Counter promised respondents a special offer for participating. To test how engaged the base was, members were given 24 hours to respond. 

Loyal Members Visit and Spend More

Using Paytronix to track the visits and spend that the campaign generated, the marketing team found that 2 percent of the target audience responded – a high rate considering the small window of time and multistep process.


The Counter's Big Game campaign also leveraged the Paytronix A/B test and the target-and-control features. Results analysis looked beyond open rates because more opens do not always translate to higher spend and increased visits. The campaign helped demonstrate to the franchisees how much more they can do with the program than with a simple e-club.

“Before this campaign, The Counter was running its Counter Point loyalty program like an e-club. It thought more emails were better. The Paytronix-powered Big Game campaign helped the Kahala Brands marketing team demonstrate to franchisees that a quality program is better. We’re here to deliver an effective program across all The Counter locations so that our franchisees can focus on running their locations.”

Jessica Wegener, vice president of Interactive Marketing Kahala Brands

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