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Yesway Drives 45.2% of Its Loyalty Members from the Pump to the Store

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Loyalty Integral to the Yesway Launch

From the beginning, Yesway management believed that a loyalty program was a critical element for building relationships with customers and establishing the new brand. Yesway’s marketing team needed a guest engagement platform that would enable the brand to identify, understand, and communicate with its customers.

Yesway conducted a thorough evaluation of potential providers before selecting Paytronix as its loyalty partner. “We were looking for an innovative partner that understood Yesway and our needs, as well as our different customer profiles, from baby boomers to millennials and gen exers,” said Darrin Samaha, VP and Brand Manager at Yesway. “We wanted a partner that had the technology necessary to support our loyalty program today and in the future, but even more importantly, we needed the expertise and the people to help guide us.”

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Yesway built and launched Yesway Rewards on the Paytronix platform in June 2017. Initially launched at 37 stores, the loyalty program soon became an integral part of the brand's expansion, now available to customers at more than 100 locations.

“Paytronix met our strategic needs and provided us with a powerful platform that will continue to grow with us over time. The collaboration between their team and ours has been great. As a highly data-driven organization, a core requirement for Yesway’s Rewards Program was a robust analytics and segmentation platform. Paytronix brought an unmatched ability for deep analytics, along with an experienced data insights team, to help us understand the data and make informed decisions.”

Darrin Samaha, VP and Brand Manager Yesway
Sustainable Loyalty: The Proof Is in the Metrics

Yesway’s loyalty strategy worked. Members are highly engaged in and enthusiastic about the program, as the numbers show:

Yesway Results

The Paytronix loyalty platform empowered Yesway to make data-driven decisions, and the program design provides a true understanding of the customer base. 

Partner Brand Promotions Extend Loyalty Even Further

Yesway found even more success creating promotional offers in conjunction with its supplier partners, who are eager to get involved with Yesway’s loyalty program and will often fund the rewards.

  • Yesway partnered with Coca-Cola to offer loyalty customers an extra summer beverage reward – purchase any six 20-ounce Coke products and get a seventh for free.
  • Another recent offer enabled guests who buy two Red Bull drinks to get “cents off per gallon” on their gas fill-up.

Consumer packaged goods (CPG) partners are embedded in both the offer and the reward, and Yesway can do similar promotions for its own private-label products, which will launch this fall.

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“We’re leveraging supplier funding for fuel rewards, bonus points, and BOGOs by extending our loyalty program to run joint promotions with Red Bull, FIJI Water, Coca-Cola, Frito-Lay, and other major suppliers. It’s had a strong impact by bringing customers into the store and driving new registrations. We introduced an Altria partnership and our tobacco offer realized a 52% take rate in its first program phase. That’s a compelling result.”

Darrin Samaha, VP and Brand Manager Yesway
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