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“The Pinkbee’s Double Points promotion results turned traditional marketing science on its head by proving that it is not the open rate, but the customer engagement that determines success. It generated numbers that indicated higher sales, visit frequency, and sales lift, and also indicated which subject line performed better.”

Jessica Wegener, Director of Digital & Interactive Development Kahala Brands
The Right Promotional Strategy

Pinkberry wanted to create a promotion for its new Pinkbee’s™ low-fat milk ice cream product that would compel loyalty members to act and drive a sales and visit lift over the busy Fourth of July weekend. 

Double-Points Offer Motivates Purchases

Paytronix Data Insights strategists used a targeted double-points promotion to motivate purchases. Double-points offers have effectively moved the needle on new product trials and typically change behavior quickly while helping Pinkcard members get closer to earning rewards. As an added bonus, Pinkberry typically sees a pattern of reduced time between visits following a double points promotion.

A new Target-and-Control feature was used to measure the efficacy of the campaign in terms of incremental visits and spending. In designing this promotion, Pinkberry held out a percentage of the targeted group in a control group so that it could detect the level of visits and spend that would occur naturally, without the influence of the promotion.

Pinkberry Doublepoints

 “Because the Pinkcard loyalty program is driven by Paytronix, we can see on an individual basis how each promotion performs.  With Paytronix, we feel more confident to make decisions. Our franchise and brand teams really like the results they are seeing. With Pinkberry we can demonstrate the efficacy of any offer.”

Anne Schultheis, Digital Marketing Manager Kahala Brands
Driving Incremental Visits and Spend

The double points promotion motivated thousands of Pinkberry fans to experience the newest innovation, Pinkbee’s. The delta in both visits and spend were up as compared to the control group, demonstrating that the promotion drove incremental visits and spend. Again, double points proved to be the right offer for motivating the trial of a new product. One of the most interesting results from this campaign was discovered when the Data Insights team compared the results between the two email versions. Each offer and email was identical with the exception of the subject line.

Pinkberry Results Chart

The key learning from this data was that open rate is not a good indication of email performance. In this case, the email with the lower open rate delivered more visits and spend than the email with the higher open rate. If this program used a traditional A/B test which sends the email with the higher open rate to the target audience, it would not have performed as well when measured by visit and spend metrics.

“I’ve been doing email campaigns for seven years, but after the Pinkbee’s Double Points promotion, I won’t think of doing a campaign without Target and Control. Before we couldn’t look at the engagement, but with Paytronix we can see through to performance.”

Jessica Wegener, Director of Digital & Interactive Development Kahala Brands
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