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Double-Points Promo Delivers Double-Digit Results

THE CHALLENGE A fast-casual restaurant group faced a common challenge: low traffic on Mondays.

THE PROGRAM The group asked Paytronix to implement a double-points promotion on Mondays to increase guest visits. Using its loyalty database, coupled with the Paytronix email deployment system, the restaurant group reached out to its customers with an email promotion that delivered a double-points offer for any purchase occurring on Mondays throughout the month.

After the group established the parameters of its promotion, including the offer itself, the target audience profile, the days and times that the promotion was effective, the expiration date of the promotion, and the deployment dates for emails related to the promotion, Paytronix quickly implemented it.

Launching a promotion that automatically doubles points for members dining at certain times on specific dates is easy with Paytronix. Several elements within the technology enabled a smooth and accurate promotion. Specifically, Paytronix:

  • Added a rule to the existing program that automatically awarded double points on Mondays between 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m. during the promotion dates
  • Set a schedule for the program to ensure that the system would award the correct amount of points from a specific start date through a specific end date
  • Loaded two email messages into the system and scheduled the appropriate deployment, with the first email going out immediately and the second scheduled to be sent two weeks after the start date of the promotion

THE RESULTS The double-points offer resulted in a 39% lift in Monday dining visits, representing a 58% increase in revenue on Mondays during the month of the promotion. Utilizing the visit data captured within the loyalty system, an analysis confirmed that the promotion did not cannibalize sales from other days of the week. Both the control group and the target group behaved exactly the same on Tuesdays through Sundays during the weeks of the promotion, as well as during the two weeks immediately preceding the promotion.

According to studies, accelerating point accumulation for loyalty club members has a proven benefit that extends beyond this promotion. As members earn more points, they move closer to earning rewards, which in turn motivates them to visit more frequently.


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