Is your loyalty program ready for 2023? 

Birthday Program Results Sparkle

THE CHALLENGE A regional quick serve restaurant chain wanted to create an exciting layer on top of their core loyalty program to motivate additional visits and generate active loyalty.

THE PROGRAM The restaurant’s marketing team created a birthday program to extend their Automatic Rewards loyalty program. Every Sunday, members with a birthday during the coming week receive an email to notify them of a special birthday reward: a free sandwich. Available for 30 days, this reward gets automatically added to their membership card and can be redeemed with the swipe of their card during their next visit.

Paytronix enabled this ongoing birthday program with “set it and forget it” convenience:
- Each week a Campaign Tool query identifies members with an upcoming birthday.
- Members receive notification of the birthday reward via email.
- Membership cards are loaded with the reward (free sandwich).
- Automatic expiration is set for 30 days after issuance.
- System integration ensures seamless redemption at any location.
- Detailed reporting enables ongoing results tracking.

THE RESULTS AND FINANCIAL RETURN The birthday reward makes members feel like VIPs and consistently generates a 47% Eat-Thru℠ rate (redemption rate). The program engages a sweeping mix of members and boosts targeted guest visits by 26% during their birthday month versus the prior month.

CLV Data Brief Gift 2
Unwrap Customer Lifetime Value this Winter

Major brands like Disney and Amazon know their customers' value backwards and forwards. But this valuable metric isn't reserved just for multi-billion dollar brands. Thanks to readily available data, now restaurants and convenience stores can calculate this powerful metric as well.

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