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Paytronix Expands Online Ordering to Accept Pony Express Orders

Newton, MA, April 1, 2023 -- Paytronix, the leader in guest engagement for restaurants and convenience stores, today transformed ordering by integrating Paytronix Online Ordering with the Pony Express, America’s legendary express mail service. This new tool enables brands of all sizes to accept orders via the hardy riders and fast horses of the Pony Express. 

“Restaurants and convenience stores must meet guests where they are, and if that means a horse-bound rider grabbing their order as a letter and riding as fast as possible, switching horses every 10 miles and avoiding thunderstorms, blizzards, and buffalo herds, then that gives our guests an extra layer of engagement,” said Paytronix CEO Andrew Robbins. “Many of our clients have difficulty reaching guests unaccustomed to modern technology, like the train or the telegraph, and a dedicated rider, protecting a mail pouch with their life, is the ideal channel to reach them. Add in the lower cost of delivery compared to third-party apps due to insurance, and that’s a win-win for the industry.” 

Today, orders coming in from riders on horseback provide a fast, intimate connection between a restaurant or convenience store and their most loyal, homesteading guests. Leaders in the field praise the opening of this channel. 

“This is a tool I’ve been advocating for over 160 years” said former Pony Express rider and famed showman William “Buffalo Bill” Cody. “We want to lead in technology. Our express mail channel integrates seamlessly with loyalty, CRM and gift cards through the hand delivery of riders all across the Oregon and California Trails.” 

“We’re so excited by this deal” says Jude Soissons, owner of the Fort Laramie Convenience Store and Trading Post. “Now our guests can order our famous buffalo pemmican all the way from St. Joseph, MO and can expect to receive their shipment in less than 10 days thanks to Pony Express riders.” 

“This is truly a game changer,” said owner of the Rusty Nail Saloon Prospecting Pete, whose infectious grin highlighted his gold tooth. “Now my customers comin’ in by covered wagon can put in an order as their Conestogas round Devils Tower. Yee ha!” 

Changing the Pony Delivering Landscape 

Paytronix aims to become the leader in rider-based food ordering by the end of 2023, and is confident it is well ahead of the competition. Features include: 

  • Full integration of Pony Express Ordering with over 150 payment services across SMB, mid-market, and enterprise-level customers. 
  • Collection of guest data through sharp-eyed buckaroos to report to the most experienced data-analysts in the industry. 
  • Dedicated customer success teams willing to hit the ol’ dusty trail to ensure clients are getting the most from the new platform. 

Paytronix Pony Express Ordering is available today with the Paytronix cowpoke app. For more information, see us at RLC booth #113, visit https://www.paytronix.com, or call 617-649-3300, ext. 5. 


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