Considering PXUX 2018? Here Are 12 Things You NEED To Know



Making the decision to go to any conference is tough: Time away from your desk is always nice, but you need to make sure that the time away from work is going to be worth it!

Luckily, PXUX isn’t just any conference: It’s packed with opportunities to maximize your customer data and boost sales.

To be sure you’ve got the full idea of everything you’ll get out of PXUX 2018, we’ve compiled the definitive list of how attending this year will set you up for major wins:

  1. Boost Your Program’s Profitability. Learn what tactics others are using to turn customers into repeat visitors.
  2. Make Faster Program Improvements. Discover which strategies have worked and which haven’t, saving yourself weeks of program testing time! 
  3. Learn Advanced Tactics. Get a deep dive into segmenting, measuring results , and automation and learn how to implement everything you learn.
  4. Get Your Hands Dirty. Hands-on learning with the Paytronix team deepens your understanding and makes it easier to teach your own team when you get back.
  5. Get a First Look at What’s New. We’re constantly rolling out new tools and tactics. Get a look at (and training on) the newest features to amp up your program.
  6. Get a First Look at What’s Coming. We’re also always planning our next round of innovations! Be among the first to know what we’re working on for the future.
  7. Make Yourself Heard. Here’s your chance to let us know exactly what you’d like to see in the product. Make suggestions, voice concerns, and be a part of the improvement.
  8. Learn from Customer Stories. Get a “behind the curtains” look at what your peers are doing and how their promotions have turned out.
  9. Build a Network of Peers. Make more connections in your industry and share ideas and tactics among people who have the same systems, challenges, and goals that you do.
  10. Meet the Paytronix Team. Put faces to names and get to know the people who support your system and build the Paytronix tools you use each day.
  11. Get Inspired. Fresh ideas abound! You’re sure to come away with tons of notes and ideas for tactics to try, metrics to measure, and more.
  12. Have Fun! What’s a few days away from your office if there’s not a little fun involved? We make sure PXUX is a great time every year—after all, we want you to come back next year!


Here’s what a few people have said about PXUX:

“Exciting to see new features!”

“Great job! Excited to dive in and try all of the new campaign and messaging tools.”

“It’s refreshing to see that clients’ requests, pain points, etc. are what fuels your innovation! Makes me glad that we chose Paytronix.”

“Great info — really is making me think about our program and things to do differently with our operational team.”


Don’t miss your chance to take your Paytronix loyalty program to the next level—and to influence the future of the Paytronix tools and systems! Register for PXUX 2018 now.

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