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Why C-Stores Need to Master Mobile Apps and How Yatco Met the Challenge

Yatco Webinar Image

Faced with inflation and the pressure of tech adoption, regional convenience store brands like Yatco are doubling down on loyalty programs and mobile apps to keep their customer base engaged and growing. Since Yatco launched its loyalty program, the brand has seen an average 50% increase in spending month-over-month among members. Convenience stores also face shortages in both labor and the supply chain. Yatco runs an exemplary employee retention program, offering their employees exclusive discounts in stores and at the pump.

Hussein Yatim, Vice President of Yatco Energy joins us for this webinar to discuss mobile app must-haves and how Yatco has succeeded in competing with national c-stores.

Join this webinar to learn about:

• Yatco’s mobile app success, from design to deployment
• Tools and programs to mitigate shortages in labor and supply
• How a loyalty program can cultivate customer relationships


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