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How Red's Savoy Pizza Built a Mobile Experience of the Future

Savoy Webinar 2023

The average restaurant receives orders on 2.7 channels at any given time, and across all of them, customers expect the same personalized and convenient experience. Restaurants must consider a digital storefront to remain competitive, especially as third-party aggregators and ghost kitchens cement their roles within the industry. This webinar takes you through digital storefront best practices. Learn about the importance of homepage design, how to streamline the ordering flow, how to retain customers through customization and data-driven loyalty programs and how to plan and market your solution. Reed Daniels, CEO of Red's Savoy Pizza, a 20-unit chain based out of Minnesota, joins Paytronix Mobile Product Manager Ali Evers for an exclusive webinar detailing how his brand approached the mobile experience.

In this webinar, you'll learn:

  • Why restaurants are digitizing faster than ever
  • How Red's Savoy built their digital storefront for success
  • Digital storefront best practices with inside tips from Paytronix experts

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