4 signs your loyalty program needs a revamp 

Virtual Experiences Your Guests Crave

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Only a decade ago, a majority of Americans did not own cellphones, compared to the 85% who do now. Over the past few years, digitization swept the restaurant industry, turning paper menus into QR codes, replacing phoned-in orders with mobile apps and kiosks, and turning former restaurants into fulfillment centers. These features have grown increasingly normalized, but the virtual future still awaits restaurants as major chains dabble in an advanced, social, virtual reality platform, the Metaverse. 

Join this webinar to learn more about:

  • Tech innovations pushing the envelope on the guest experience
  • Restaurants, the Metaverse, and virtual loyalty programs
  • How to use your tech stack to drive ecommerce

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Five best practices to set your brand up for success

The order-and-delivery industry continues to grow rapidly, with sales projections soaring north of $28 billion by 2023. Once dominated by independent order-and-delivery platforms, recent mergers and acquisitions are driving restaurants and convenience stores to seek out the best way to add the offering to their brand.


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