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How Tattle and Paytronix Are Optimizing the Off-Premises Guest Experience

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Your guests' opinions are what matter most, but how are you capturing their feedback? Old-school comment cards and blanket surveys are anecdotal and difficult to track.

New technology solutions like Tattle are enabling restaurants to collect real-time feedback from guests through personalized surveys that are then automatically compiled into easy-to-use dashboards. Last month, Paytronix announced its new partnership with Tattle, lending a new level of customer feedback to Paytronix’ existing guest engagement and loyalty solutions.

In this webinar, Paytronix is joined by Tattle founder and CEO Alex Beltrani. This 30-minute presentation covers:

  • The importance of guest feedback and how to collect it efficiently
  • Implementing operational changes based on survey results
  • Leveraging feedback and loyalty data to create a positive and personalized guest experience

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