You Are Busy, Segmentation Should Not Take Up Your Day!

How many times have you sat at your desk watching the results of a campaign you were excited to roll out, only to see those stats flat line, or worse, nosedive into a negative return on investment? Without a doubt it is the defining moment of any marketer’s career. It becomes that “aha” moment where you can say, “I probably should have segmented the audience for this campaign.”joelblog

Segmentation has long been a core component of Paytronix’s 1-to-1 marketing platform. Studies show that segmentation is a vital tool in any marketing promotion, as relevant communication drives 18% more revenue than broadcast communication. In fact, the Paytronix Account Filter tool has 53 conditions that can be used to segment your customer population. The 53 conditions as well as their various sub variables allow marketers to create over 973,000,000,000,000 (yep that’s 973 trillion) unique filters that can be used to create segments that meet your marketing needs.

One of the easiest and most exciting conditions to use is the “Likelihood to Visit in the Next 30 Days”. This filter applies a proprietary algorithm developed by the Paytronix Data Insights team that can predict the chances that a particular guest will come into a location in the next 30 days. You could use this filter (shown above) to easily limit your campaigns to only guests who are unlikely to visit, and turbocharge your incremental revenue.

Knowing that segmentation is key to promotional marketing, and that the Paytronix Account Filter tool offers unparalleled segmentation power, we had to ask ourselves: Why are some marketers sending campaigns to their entire customer list, instead of segmenting and increasing incremental revenue through relevant marketing?

As the title of this post might have given away it comes down to time. You are busy. You might be designing seasonal promotions, distributing marketing material to franchisees, or devising your next social media contest. Segmentation and relevancy sounds good, but how much time will it take out of your day? With the newest Paytronix software update we are proud to announce that building powerful marketing segments is easier than ever. When you use the new Account Filter interface, you’ll find that you can quickly create new account filters, view the number of accounts you’ve selected, and see estimated date ranges based on your specific selections.

Create brilliant segmentation and save time for everything else you do. 

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Joel is the product manager team lead on the marketing team at Paytronix. At Paytronix, Joel enjoys helping clients make the most of their mobile strategy. He is a proud graduate of the School of Management at Boston University, and loves to see the intersection of marketing and technology in action. Bonus Fact: Joel can whistle and hum at the same time!

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