How Red’s Savoy Pizza Built a Mobile Experience of the Future

By | June 6, 2023 | Guest Engagement
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More than ever, digital storefronts are a crucial tool for keeping restaurants competitive. How can restaurant brands create a personalized and convenient experience while protecting themselves against third-party aggregators and ghost kitchens? Read on to discover how Red’s Savoy Pizza, a 20+ unit chain based out of Minnesota, rethought their mobile experience and realized an entirely new stream of value.

Digital Ordering Trends

Emerging trends in digital ordering have created a “new normal” to which restaurants must adapt. In March 2022, for example, one-third of all orders were received digitally. Over half of all digital orders were for takeout, and there was a 42% dip in dine-in sales.

For Red’s Savoy Pizza, a popular Minnesota-base pizza chain, the percent of digital orders was even higher. The chain also noted that newer stores were seeing even higher percentages of digital orders, and Red’s Savoy Pizza CEO Reed Daniels notes that online ordering is less stressful and more convenient for guests, and also creates higher check totals. To grow the chain through an ongoing labor crunch, digital ordering was essential..

Red’s Savoy Mobile App

To better accommodate digitally-inclined guests, Red’s Savoy built a mobile app which enabled the brand to put its best foot forward. The app features a dynamic offer carousel, a navigation menu, and the ability to add gift cards. Going further, the app enables real-time customization such as wallet balances, favorite stores, loyalty tiers, and many other features.

As Daniels notes, the app was built on a framework which enables regular updates and improvements (sometimes multiple times a day). Layouts and messaging are fluid, which offers increased personalization for app users, creating a multifaceted experience and making it more relevant to guest needs.

According to Paytronix Mobile Product Manager Ali Evers, the app was built on Mobile Experience Builder, a self-service content management tool that enables brands to publish content in real-time to their app. Payronix developed this tool to give brands more flexibility with their communications and to better express their brand voice. It also enables customers to create more of a personalized experience, which leads to a stronger connection with the brand.

Want to know the rest of the story? Watch the Paytronix webinar with Red’s Savoy Pizza CEO Reed Daniels, and Paytronix Mobile Product Manager Ali Evers.

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