Amping Up Campaigns

The 2016 Paytronix User Experience was full of valuable insights – we reviewed program structure, hot promotions, and, most importantly, heard from you, our clients about how you leverage our software to take your program to the next echelon.

During the conference, it was my privilege to present tactics our clients can use to amp up their campaigns. I was joined by Data Insights strategist and resident loyalty powerhouse Christina Hurley. Together, we dissected campaigns, addressed relevancy drivers, and unveiled our 9 Gold Standard Campaigns that repeatedly drive material value for our client
A dissected campaign is comprised of three factors: segmentation, message, and reward. Any single campaign can include one or more combinations of these. For example, a typical “Birthday” reward has the following components:

  • Segment: A population of people with an upcoming birthday in the next week or month.
  • Message: An email or mobile message to communicate birthday wishes to your loyal customers.
  • Reward: The free item for your customer to incentivize them to celebrate their birthday with you.

Within these three ingredients, you can optimize relevancy. For example, not all rewards are created equal. A large piece of relevancy is giving away something that is meaningful to your customers, but not overreaching from a business cost perspective. Striking this balance is something we love helping our clients accomplish.

Additionally, think about if there’s an opportunity for your campaign to be geographically relevant. You can accomplish this in a variety of ways, one of which would be to send a location-based geofence message, which deploys to a mobile phone when your guest walks in range of your store. Alternatively, you could achieve relevance by segmenting your population by store – maybe you target a group of members based on where they signed up for your program, or based on a customer-selected preference of favorite store.

Finally, Christina unveiled the 9 Gold Standard Messages, which have been researched and refined over more than a decade of partnership with our clients. If you’re interested in learning more about what the 9 Gold Standards are, reach out to us!

As a teaser, I’ll share one of the nine gold standards: birthday campaigns made the cut!

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Kristen House is the messaging product manager. She loves delivering buzz-worthy email and mobile messaging features to clients so that they can take their guest engagement program to the next level.

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