Duffy’s Sports Grill to Explain Secrets of Total Loyalty Immersion at PXUX 2016

Sandy Nelson to speak at PXUX: Unveiling how Duffy’s culture of loyalty drives
70% of all transactions through active loyalty members

As restaurants and convenience stores strive to establish a culture of loyalty, Duffy’s Sports Grill stands out as the premium model for success. A Paytronix customer since 2010, Duffy’s runs a highly successful MVP rewards program that has engaged nearly a half-million active members. The MVP program is a core element of the brand, and by using the Paytronix tools the Duffy’s team has been able to harness the power of their guest data to effectively drive business results and customer loyalty. The loyalty program drives more than 70% of all transactions across Duffy’s 33 casual-dining restaurants in Southern Florida. Duffys (2)

Duffy’s Director of Marketing Sandy Nelson has agreed to share her insights as a featured speaker for this year’s Paytronix User Experience (PXUX 2016) on August 24th and 25th. Nelson will be speaking about the importance of creating a culture of loyalty, and why loyalty engagement needs to be every restaurant’s number one priority.

Duffy’s is known for its top quality casual dining experience, offering fresh ingredients, grilled items, and an upscale sports environment.  At this year’s PXUX, Sandy will look back at the success that Duffy’s has had enrolling so many customers, and how her team created a culture at Duffy’s that led to a total immersion of loyalty. The Duffy’s brand and the loyalty program are synonymous – with top down buy-in so that everyone is on board from the executives to the front-end staff in knowing how to sell the program.

The MVP rewards program at Duffy’s Sports Grill is divided into three tiers that encourages customers to be loyal year round: Gold, All Star, and Hall of Fame. The “Hall of Fame” card is the most elite, for members who spend over $3,000 during a 12-month period. The next tier is the “All Star” card, for members spending over $1,000 during a 12-month period. And lastly, the “Gold” card is for members spending more than $500 during a 12-month period.

In her PXUX presentation, Sandy Nelson will share high level advice on creating and maintaining their culture of loyalty, while digging deeper into the success of specific promotions that appeal to their customers, like their Big Game Giveaway. The giveaway took place during the 2015-2016 NFL season, with a grand prize of a trip for two to Super Bowl 50. The goal for the giveaway was to increase the number of guest visits, increase repeat visits, and increase guest spend.

“Although we are busy for football season, business can be heavily influenced by team performance, and if the hometown favorite has a losing season, visits can drop off,” said Sandy Nelson. “The Big Game Giveaway provided another reason for Duffy’s guests to engage, and they responded. Paytronix Real-Time Messaging enabled us to stimulate desired behavior. As a result, Duffy’s saw a big lift in traffic and sales.”

To learn more about Duffy’s success, Paytronix sent our own Stephen Stone to visit a Duffy’s location, where he was absolutely blown away by how the employees and marketing materials ensure that the loyalty program is an integral part of every guest’s visit. Read more about  Duffy’s success here

Don’t miss the opportunity to hear Sandy Nelson speak at PXUX 2016 this August. Sign up today and get ready to be inspired by the incredible loyalty culture she has created!

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