7 Ways to Boost Your Email Open Rate

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After spending days agonizing over the message, design, and call to action, you finally feel ready to press the send button. Now you’ll wait two days constantly refreshing your browser watching as the stats roll in and your open rate slowly climbs. Whether you hit 10, 20, or even 50%, there is always the opportunity to get more eyeballs on your message.

Consider the 7 tips below to boost your open rate:


1. Retargeting

Did you have an important message that didn’t get as many opens as you wanted? Try sending the email again only to customers that did not open your email originally. You can even change the subject line to keep it fresh. One of Paytronix’s major email clients regularly practices “retargeting” which can bump up open rates an additional 10%.

2. Emojis

Emojis aren’t just for texting anymore. Increase your open rate by including relevant emojis in your subject line. In an Experian study 56% of brands saw an increase in open rates when they added emojis to their email subject lines.


3. Relevancy

If you really want to crank up that open rate, take advantage of the ability to segment your marketing list, and message different populations accordingly. In the Paytronix system, clients who send emails to customers which are directly tied to an individual action (such as a visit, or earning a reward) see a whopping 50% open rate. This is compared to a 30% open rate for their broadcasted messages.


4. Personalization

Which e-mail would you be more likely to open?

“Flash Sale: 70% Off Today Only” or “Your Name: 70% Off Today Only!” Personalization speaks for itself, and converts into opens. According to the MarketingSherpa Research Institute, emails with personalized subject lines have open rates 29.3% higher than emails with generic subject lines.


5. Timing

When you send out your email is important. You can use Paytronix’s campaign timing data to make better decisions about when to send out your e-mail.


6. Mobile Design

53% of emails are opened on mobile devices, and you can bet that people aren’t squinting to read emails with a small font. Ensure that you are using a mobile optimized or responsive email format to make sure that when your email is opened it is also getting read.


7. A/B Testing

Not sure how to move forward? Use Paytronix to conduct A/B testing and compare results. You can use what you learn from the results to improve all your emails moving forward.


Now that you have increased your open rate, make sure you are sending just the right amount of emails to your subscribers. Too many messages can scare them away, while too few can lose their interest. Learn from our Data Insights team why you should be sending out 5.75 emails per subscriber per month.

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One comment on “7 Ways to Boost Your Email Open Rate”

  1. Jordan says:

    Great tips here. It’s important to know how to use things like email to market the best way you can. Thanks for sharing this!