How to Meet Your Guests’ Customer Service Expectations in 2016

Image of a Customer Service RepresentativeIn an increasingly connected world, customer service tools are being put to the test. Today, we have access to relevant information 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Online experiences are constantly being shaped to fit each user’s specific preferences. We’ve come to expect instant satisfaction and relevancy in every walk of life, and these expectations have carried over to the way your guests feel about your brand.

Today, your guests demand instant satisfaction and relevancy. When they engage with your brand, they want to know they are being heard and remembered. Paytronix recently added two features designed to meet these needs:

Survey: The survey tool allows you to continue to engage with guests after their visit. When a guest comes to your restaurant and orders a burger, they’ll receive an email with a brief questionnaire asking how they liked that burger as soon as they pay. This real-time marketing tactic will not only keep guests engaged, it will allow them to voice their opinion, which in turn lets you build a richer profile of each guest.

Imagine if you knew ahead of time that a certain guest hates pickles, loves onions, picks Cheddar as their favorite kind of cheese, and prefers sweet potato fries over French fries, all because they participated in the survey. What if a guest complains that there is no Turkey burger option, and the next time they visit it’s on the menu? Not only are you becoming more relevant by providing menu items your guests ask for, you’re showing that you care about their opinion.

Customer comments: No one wants to have to ask the same question twice. Your guests expect timely resolutions to every issue, and anything that slows them down – for example, having to repeat themselves – can hurt their perception of your brand. Customer comments provide your customer service representatives instant access to notes from each interaction with your guests. Suppose one of your rewards program members has an issue with their account that requires multiple calls. Customer comments will let the current CSR on the phone know everything their colleagues previously discussed with the guest.

George Santayana said it best – “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Every interaction with a guest – be it positive or negative – is an opportunity to collect valuable data about the individual that can be used to improve their future experiences with your brand. Everyone makes mistakes, but customer comments eliminate the risk of making the same mistake twice. This tool allows you to streamline the customer service process and increase the likelihood that your guests will leave each interaction satisfied with the resolution.


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Stephen Stone is a content marketing specialist at Paytronix. With a Bachelors Degree from Fitchburg State University and a Masters in Communication Management from Emerson College, Stephen is well-versed in all things communication.

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