Floridian chain Little Greek uses online ordering to open ‘community store’

With social distancing advisories in place, tasks as simple as going to the grocery store have become challenging. This has pushed many consumers toward grocery delivery services to  minimize contact with others, but now those are inundated and many are on long waiting lists.

The team at the 44-store Little Greek Fresh Grill chain stepped up with a solution when they noticed that many of their guests were struggling to find basic goods.

“It’s a very unique thing. It’s helpful,” said Jennifer Bujalski, director of administrative services. “We were able to do it so early on.”

Bujalski said the “majority” of Little Greek’s stores – which span six states ­­– have begun operating community stores. She noted that some guests are at a higher risk for contracting Covid-19, and can’t go to grocery stores like they might have before.

Using the curbside delivery feature, Little Greek’s guests have a completely touchless experience, from order to payment and pickup.

“[Paytronix] went above and beyond and got the curbside pickup enabled immediately, almost day one of this whole pandemic,” Bujalski said.

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