Build a Mobile App That Customers Want to Keep

Your guests are going through their phones right now and deleting apps they don’t use. Why would they keep yours?

If your mobile app delivers convenience and enhances their experience with your brand, they’re more likely to use it. If not, it will be added to the millions of apps that are downloaded and deleted every year.

Whether your brand is a restaurant, convenience store, or retail store, engaging your guests on mobile contributes to the overall impact of your loyalty program. That’s why we’re investing in continually developing new features in the Paytronix-powered mobile apps. Here are some of the highlights from 2018 and what’s in the works for 2019:

New User Experience. Enhancements to the user experience get members into your loyalty program more quickly, reduce abandonment so that more members join, and tells each member where they are in the program along with any rewards and promotions they can utilize.

New Brand Enhancers. Soup to nuts, the apps have taken a huge leap forward. Everything is customizable – from the progress bar to the font styles, icons, colors, images and more. Build an app that reflects your brand and deliver the experience your guests love.

New Food Ordering Experience. Native in the apps, the ordering experience is now fast, easy, and totally friction-free. Plus, with the new Curbside integration, you’ll be able to fire orders and get them to guests when the food is at its maximum tastiness. When the guest arrives, the store will be notified, and servers can then bring the food, hot and ready, out to the guest’s vehicle! Your guests will be thinking “Skip the line? How about I wait in my car and let the server come to me?” It’s never been easier to create a food ordering app and provide amazing service.

The newest features don’t stop there. The team is already working on:

More App Usage Monitoring. Quickly answer questions about active app users with dashboards designed specifically for mobile app management.

More Online Ordering Integrations. An expansion of native online ordering with SSO is on the way. Up next is Monkey Media, and more.

More Customization Options. Branded apps get you to the market quickly and you’ll enjoy the ability to change the page layouts and flows to match your guests’ needs.

Apple Pay and Google Pay Options. These two payment options are dominating the market – and your guests want to use them to pay.

CMS Features. You’ll have a self-service tool that will enable you to change app graphics on the fly to match seasonal and other brand enhancing promotions.

Avoid a delete. Complete this form to learn more about the ideal app experience.

Jane Farrell

The Author
Jane works on the Product Marketing team helping to produce content and enabling the sales team. She also manages Paytronix's social presence on LinkedIn. When she's not in the office, she loves being outdoors and playing with her dog, Bowser.

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