How Technology Streamlines Subscription Programs

By | October 29, 2020 | Subscriptions, Tech Talk

Subscriptions can be a boon to your bottom line, thanks to benefits like increased customer loyalty and higher per-customer purchase amounts, but if you don’t have the right technology to streamline it, achieving those advantages can become an ongoing headache.  

In the same way that subscriptions can be tailored to each restaurant or c-store customer base, technology must be flexible enough to accommodate additions and modifications, like adding referral bonuses, sending membership prompts about renewals, swapping out perks, and other features.  

With efficiently managed data, you can capitalize on the best parts of a program, while potentially discontinuing aspects that aren’t working for you and your business. The right technology solution can help you reduce the time spent on management while integrating a subscription program with your core loyalty program. Look for a solution that includes: 

  • Ways to target customers and encourage signups to build a robust subscriber base.
  • Streamlined signup processes, including POS integration, that reduce “cart abandonment” syndrome, a major consideration when there are too many steps in an online system. 
  • Recurring payment tracking and automated messaging for reminders and unforeseen issues, to take the burden off your shoulders when it comes to sending out messages. 
  • Reward management that can be tailored according to how you want your program to run.  
  • Renewal processing, including marketing messages that encourage more renewals, along with insights on renewal trends.  
  • New emails automatically triggered by subscription-related actions at point of sale or by members. 
  • Analytics to track impact and ROI that will provide insights quickly enough to help you pivot if necessary, including building up parts of your subscription that are showing more traction than others. 

Simply put, if a system is challenging to use, you might as well not have one at all. The right subscriptions technology can make for a better, stronger, and more successful program while reducing the headaches. 

Want to learn more about subscriptions? Download our ebook Subscriptions: The Next Level of Loyalty for insights on why subscriptions drive loyalty and enhance differentiation, and how you can get started by launching your own program—with technology tools that make it easy. 

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