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Paytronix Loyaltees


The Loyaltees Awards highlight leading and innovative brands in the restaurant and retail industries. When it comes to incredible guest engagement strategies, this year's winners set a new standard of excellence. The three categories for 2019 are: Best Loyalty Launch, Marketing Innovation, and Business Impact.

Below, you'll find the winners as they are announced.

  • Winner: HuHot Mongolian Grill

    Best Marketing Innovation showcases strategies that successfully motivate guests to spend more with each visit or visit more frequently through a customer-centric marketing program.

    HuHot Turns Up the Heat on Revenue with Its Innovative Grill Pass Promotion

    Every July for the past 10 years, HuHot had run its Christmas in July promotion, giving guests a free $20 gift card for every $100 gift card they purchased. But after 10 years, the promotion was feeling stale for both employees and customers alike. HuHot came to Paytronix with a new summer promotion idea: Guests would be able to prepurchase 5, 11, or 25 entrées in July and had to redeem them by the end of the year. The result was a whopping 80% increase in spend on top of the Grill Pass purchases. 

  • Winner: Bruster's Ice Cream

    Best Loyalty Launch celebrates brands that either launched their first loyalty program or revamped an existing one in 2018.

    Bruster’s Real Ice Cream Upgrades Punch Cards for a Sweet, Modernized Program

    For years, Bruster’s had followed a loyalty program that was practically the industry standard among ice cream shops: a “buy x, get 1 free” program that used paper punch cards. And while it was popular, Bruster’s knew that there were promotional limitations because it didn’t provide information about guest behavior. The nearly 200-unit ice cream chain decided to partner with Paytronix for a full rollout of a revamped loyalty program. The results were a 16% penetration rate within a 10-month period, increased spend among members, and a 187% ROI on the first targeted promotion.


  • Winner: FriendShip Food Stores

    Best Restaurant Loyalty Launch celebrates brands that either launched their first loyalty program or revamped an existing one during 2018.

    New, targeted pump-to-store promotions increase in-store visits by 5% and gallons purchased by 18%.

    After years of offering cents-off programs that weren’t producing the desired results, FriendShip was ready for a revitalized loyalty program that delivered robust data while rewarding customers and encouraging diversified purchasing. With a clearly communicated launch plan and 24/7 support from Paytronix, FriendShip was able to beat its goal of getting 50% of loyalty transactions from registered members. In fact, the number reached 66%, which meant that even more customer data could be used to create personalized and targeted marketing campaigns.

  • Winner: Duchess Shoppes

    Best Business Innovation showcases strategies that successfully motivate customers to spend more with each visit or visit more frequently through a customer-centric program.

    Duchess Shoppes Create a Loyalty Program That Treats Customers Like Royalty

    Though Duchess Shoppes had run loyalty programs for the past eight years, their program didn’t allow them to identify or analyze anything about their customers’ behavior or spending patterns. The family-owned chain decided to make customer insight a priority and relaunched their popular Crown Card loyalty program. By partnering with the Paytronix Data Insights team, Duchess rolled out an industry-leading program, with targeted promotions and customer nurturing campaigns, allowing them exceptional abilities to offer valuable rewards to their members, that drive increased visits and spend from customers.

  • Winner: Caribou Coffee

    Best Business Impact showcases strategies that successfully motivate customers to visit and spend more and that have a significant effect on the overall business.

    Paytronix helps Caribou Coffee Drive Incremental Visits and Sales

    Caribou Coffee and Paytronix recently teamed up to improve a Caribou Perks summer loyalty promotion by adjusting the offer and fine-tuning the targeting using Paytronix’s likelihood-to-visit scoring tool. Redemptions improved 215%, the incremental sales ROI improved 150%, and the discount decreased 10% from the previous year.  

  • Winner: Break Time

    Best Marketing Innovation recognizes early adopters and forward-thinking brands that are seeing results from leading the pack in adopting new technology and tactics for guest engagement and 1-to-1 marketing.

    Monthly Rewards Challenge Increases Customer Engagement & Spend

    Break Time partnered with Paytronix to develop its loyalty program with monthly incentives based upon frequency – offering greater rewards the more guests engaged with the program. MyTime Rewards features four separate tiers that guests can climb each month. Break Time rewards its customers for visits or spend, moving guests up to the next tier based on their behavior. As guests visit more frequently, they earn higher point multiples and extra perks. The rewards challenge resets each month – encouraging customers to visit again to maintain status as a high-frequency customer in order to continue receiving the higher-tier perks.


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