Clients Share Their Awesome Takeaways from the 2016 Paytronix User Experience

On August 24th & 25th Boston was the nexus of leading insights on guest engagement as Paytronix hosted its second annual Paytronix User Experience (PXUX). Marketing, Finance, and IT professionals converged in downtown Boston to learn how they could Amp Up their messaging, loyalty, and CRM programs. Checkout the main takeaways that some of this year’s attendees shared:

Candice Scott – Director of Marketing – Del Frisco’s Restaurant Group

“I want to get a lot deeper into scoring.  We’ve been doing a lot of segmentation through data insights and now I’m even more jazzed about it. We’re also working on our loyalty mobile experience with a new online sign-up process, so now I’m ready to amp up our mobile strategy and take it to the next level.”

Jeff Hood – Financial Projects Director –  Zaxby’s

“It was interesting to hear what works for some concepts that doesn’t work for others. We are going to take that back home to Georgia and incorporate that into our plans. It was [also] interesting hearing the different stories like Shari’s with the older demographics. And then you have Duffy’s which does the Sunday promotion to get people into their restaurants. So, [overall] a lot of good takeaways from PXUX 2016.”

Martyna Nowak – Marketing Director – National Coney Island

“The biggest take away is the importance of Target and Control. I know that we talked about it last year, but I didn’t realize that there are so many campaigns, like our Birthday and We Miss You, that we can also be using Target and Control for.”

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Joel is the product manager team lead on the marketing team at Paytronix. At Paytronix, Joel enjoys helping clients make the most of their mobile strategy. He is a proud graduate of the School of Management at Boston University, and loves to see the intersection of marketing and technology in action. Bonus Fact: Joel can whistle and hum at the same time!

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