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The Digital Divide: How High-Tech Consumers Connect to Subscription and Loyalty Offerings

DDR Mar 2022 Hero

Digital Divide: Restaurant Subscribers And Loyalty Programs, a PYMNTS and Paytronix collaboration, details findings from a survey of 2,054 United States consumers carried out between Dec. 22, 2021, and Dec. 29, 2021. Respondents were asked about their food-purchasing preferences and their understanding and expression of loyalty to restaurant brands.


  • 56% of high-tech consumers see mobile apps and the ability to pay online (57%) as factors that would lead them to increase their spending.
  • 40% of high-tech consumers are "very" or "extremely" familiar with restaurant subscription services, vastly exceeding the 21% average of the general sample surveyed
  • More tech enthusiasts use mobile apps to connect with QSR and table-service loyalty programs.

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