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C-Store Loyalty Report: 2023 from Paytronix

C Store Loyalty Report 2023 Hero

Loyalty programs were born out simple passion: if your guests love a product, find ways to reward them for purchasing. But technology has changed loyalty, taking it beyond mere affinity and towards a deeper relationship that looks different depending on the concept it bolsters. And no concept has benefited more from this shift in loyalty programs than convenience stores. 

This report breaks down those trends and explores how loyalty has grown and developed separately for c-stores. It moreover shows that guest behavior differs by concept, but that loyalty provides value across the industry. 

Key trends highlighted include: 

  • The growth in loyalty membership for c-stores 
  • The best-in-industry rise in check size for loyalty members versus non-loyalty members 
  • The role of return to office in influencing loyalty reward redemption 
  • The changing demographic mix of c-store loyalty customers 
  • And more! 

See how loyalty’s relationship with c-store customers has grown and deepened in this timely new report. 


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