4 signs your loyalty program needs a revamp 

Mobile-First Experiences that Go Long on Loyalty

Mobile tools and tailoring loyalty programs are likely to grow in importance.

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The United States Census Bureau recently reported that consumers spent $221 billion online in Q2 2021, a nearly 32 percent increase from Q1 2020. This digital spending shift, in turn, has pushed the sector to adopt strategic digital tools that can help drive profits and satisfy existing patrons. Retaining long-term customers remains a key goal, especially as restaurants earn as much as 40 percent of their revenues from repeat business. Giving these consumers seamless and convenient service requires constant innovation.

This has increasingly meant meeting them with mobile technologies to put their ordering options and loyalty programs at their fingertips. One key factor behind quick-service restaurants’ (QSRs) strategies for success has been to focus on the mobile experience, especially apps. These offerings have helped restaurants reach customers with curbside pickup options, contactless ordering methods and more, all of which have proved invaluable to keeping their operations afloat during the past 18 months.

Another crucial component of a successful innovation strategy as digital eclipses dine-in ordering is the loyalty program. PYMNTS’ recent Restaurant Readiness Index is unequivocal in showing that customers value these offerings and are willing to buy and spend more when such programs are available. Tapping into mobile tools and tailoring loyalty programs to the consumers using them is likely to grow in importance, even as consumers return to dining in.

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The order-and-delivery industry continues to grow rapidly, with sales projections soaring north of $28 billion by 2023. Once dominated by independent order-and-delivery platforms, recent mergers and acquisitions are driving restaurants and convenience stores to seek out the best way to add the offering to their brand.


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