Annual Loyalty Report: 2021

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During a tumultuous 2020, loyalty programs shone through as one of the key survival tools for brands in the restaurant and convenience industries. Industry leaders made new investments into rewards, and loyalty guests continued to support their favorite brands more reliably throughout the pandemic than their non-loyalty counterparts.  

The first annual Paytronix Loyalty Report examines trends across the loyalty landscape in both restaurants and convenience stores throughout 2020. This one-of-a-kind report contains data on loyalty visits and spend, member demographics, the prevalence of program types, fuel and alcohol sales, and more.  

A few key findings from this report include: 

  • 6% – Average difference in spend per check among loyalty and non-loyalty guests 
  • 53% – Percentage of loyalty spend accounted for by the top 10% of loyal guests at the pandemic onset
  • 26.5% – Increase in loyalty spend realized by ice cream or coffee brands in 2020
  • 7% – Increase in average fuel gallons sold per check in 2020 


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