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Paytronix Helps FriendShip Increase In-Store Visits by 5 Percent and Gallons Purchased by 18 Percent in Highly Targeted Pump-to-Store Promotions


Newton, MA – June 18, 2019 – Paytronix Systems, Inc., the most advanced digital guest experience platform, today announced that FriendShip has won the 2019 Paytronix Loyalty Award for Best Launch. In just under one year since the revamped rewards program launched, it has increased in-store visits by 5 percent and gallons purchased by 18 percent through targeted pump-to-store promotions. Additionally, it has more than doubled the percentage of its loyalty transactions and sales.

FriendShip wanted to better understand and engage its customers through a more compelling loyalty program that included one-to-one marketing, better customer segmentation, and more robust reporting. Additionally, it was looking for a way to strengthen brand awareness and trust after its recent brand refresh. It selected Paytronix to help launch a new loyalty program that promoted its new brand and created deeper connections with its guests.

In order to drive registrations, the promotions were communicated via exterior and in-store advertising and social marketing campaigns. Store managers received an incentive bonus for reaching 90-day enrollment goals, which added focus and excitement to the program during the transition from the old program to the new and improved one.

Within a year, FriendShip reported that more than 15 percent of transactions are from program members – a metric some legacy programs struggle to achieve. One new store in particular achieved 28.5 percent member transactions in less than three months after launch. FriendShip attributes the success to its marketing efforts coupled with a platform that provides the most ways for customer to join and engage with the program.

In less than one year since the launch, FriendShip has seen some impressive results, including:

  • New targeted pump-to-store promotions increased in-store visits by 5 percent and gallons purchased by 18 percent
  • The percentage of loyalty transactions and sales more than doubled with the new program
  • More than 66 percent of loyalty transactions have come from registered members, well exceeding the set goal of 50 percent
  • Overall loyalty penetration, the percentage of total transactions attributed to members, exceeded 15 percent
  • 28.5 percent penetration in less than three months in a new FriendShip Kitchen concept location, with a 3.6 percent conversion rate

“At FriendShip Stores, we know exactly how the loyalty program is performing, thanks to real-time data from Paytronix. We are able to see unique guest habits and develop custom reports that provide us fast insights so that we can react quickly if we see something isn’t working,” said Kevin Campbell, Director of Marketing at FriendShip. “Additionally, Paytronix simply works – it’s always on and works flawlessly within our technical ecosystem. We can now fully engage with our customers, which is critical in making our loyalty program a success.”

“FriendShip is a brand with its sights set on the future,” said Michelle Tempesta, head of marketing for Paytronix System, Inc. “Its product mix with an extensive selection of prepared foods coupled with its new loyalty program will propel it into strong growth and a solid future. We’re glad to help drive that.”

Read the full story on FriendShip’s award-winning launch here.

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