PXUX Highlights 13 Ways to Change the Game

The future of restaurant marketing is happening right now. At this year’s Paytronix users’ conference, PXUX 2018, presentations from both Paytronix and its customers told stories of innovation and exceptional guest experiences. A path toward true machine-based one-to-one marketing has officially been plotted. Here are 13 ways to change the game – all from PXUX 2018.

Several exciting learnings were presented on the first day, when Andrew Robbins discussed the big picture in his annual PaytroNEXT session. The way guests want to be engaged is changing and we have three active initiatives that marketers need.

  1. One-to-One – True one-to-one marketing is difficult but provides huge value for the brand. Machine learning enables our proprietary algorithms to find the right offer for an individual and deliver it at the proper time to motivate the next visit. A visit challenge could feature a universal offer: “Visit 5 times in the next 4 weeks and get a free coffee.” Or every portion of it could be tailored to each guest: “Visit X times in the next Y and get a Z.” There are thousands of permutations of this, and an effective one-to-one solution can have five times the impact.
  2. K100SM – We’ll be getting data from many sources to round out customer profiles, whether they are program members or not. When we know 100% of our guests, we can deliver a 20% impact. This solution will be respectful to the consumer so that it is accepted as the new norm.
  3. Self-Driving CRMSM– The new world of one-to-one CRM is complicated, with computers and automation being used to determine what is right for each guest. Just as self-driving cars will safely and quickly get us from point A to point B, the same is true for self-driving CRM. The combination of machine learning and marketing automation will produce greater visit frequency and more spend. Paytronix not only focuses on what brands need today, but also develops the technology for what they will need in the future.  

Matt Roser, our product manager for messaging, got the entire group engaged by teaching the Icelandic soccer chant. In addition to telling a fascinating underdog story, he gave a compelling live demonstration of the new email creation toolset with drag-and-drop functionality. Matt also touched on a valuable promotion tool.

  1. Target and Control – A control group can be held out to measure the incremental visits and spend generated by a campaign. This may be done in conjunction with the new Click-to-LoadSM feature, which requires users to interact with an email message in order to receive an offer. Through target and control, you can attribute visits to your marketing efforts.

“Love Your Judys” was the theme of the session led by Michelle Tempesta, our head of marketing. She told a story of over-discounting and what can be done about it while still loving your best guests. Michelle also discussed three features that will make things easier for marketers.

  1. Membership Rule – Subscriptions are the hottest new thing to hit e-commerce. Amazon, Stitch Fix, and various wine clubs are all training the consumer to subscribe for monthly items. The Paytronix membership rule enables customers to get a subscription for items that your brand offers – be they shakes, wine, craft beer, entrées, or kids’ meals. By starting a subscription program, you can delight your guests and enjoy the benefits of pre-buy cash flow.
  2. Wallet Manager – New promotions can be set up in minutes with our wallet manager. It allows you to offer a percentage off, dollars off, or a free item. You can also offer member pricing or set a new price.
  3. Campaign Builder – With a new user interface, visual selectors, and the ability to establish recurring schedules, the campaign builder makes setting up new campaigns a snap. Plus, a simple slider lets you toggle target-and-control settings. The speed of this feature is perfect for hair-on-fire marketers who thrive on driving visits and spend.

Well-designed integrations are required to deliver an exceptional guest experience. Product managers Tara Eriksen and Dave Taylor shared the latest curated list of partners for which Paytronix is currently integrated or in the midst of finalizing the integration. These partners include Apple Pay, Google Pay, Zenreach, Purple, Chirpify, and Popdeem.

  1. Identifying New Guests – Since providing the most ways for guests to identify themselves is our specialty, we’re adding even more of them. Several new methods for identifying guests were introduced, including Apple Pay and Google Pay, and enrollment is incredibly easy. Identification through WiFi is also in the works for both Zenreach and Purple.
  2. Rewarding Social Behavior – When program members interact with you on social media sites, you can reward their behavior and encourage more of it through the new Chirpify and Popdeem integrations.

Meeting guests where they are was the focal point of the session presented by product team lead Joel Udwin and product owner Jane Farrell. They covered several new features that enhance the guest experience.

  1. ADA Compliance – E-gift web pages are now compliant with the ADA.
  2. Guest Preference Center – Instead of unsubscribing from all messages, guests can indicate how frequently they want to hear from the brand. They may even opt to take a two-week hiatus.
  3. Mobile Messages – In-app messages with pictures will compel more action from guests. You can set those messages to expire and they will automatically be removed from the in-app experience.
  4. New Apps – The all-new Android and iOS apps include an awesome user experience thanks to a huge investment in interface design. The two apps have a lot of new customization options for images, color, fonts, and gauges, and native online ordering is also offered.

Throughout the two days of PXUX 2018, the sessions were bursting with excitement as the product team unveiled useful features. Many people commented that they couldn’t wait to get back and implement what they had learned. 

Be sure to save the date and join us for PXUX 2019 in Denver on September 18th and 19th!


Michelle Tempesta

The Author
Listening to the market, making recommendations for scalable product requirements, and developing useful content are the services that Michelle’s group brings to Paytronix users. Her constant thirst for marketing results is underpinned by a BS in marketing from Plymouth State University and an MBA from UIC.

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