Pinkberry Measures ROI and Performance of Loyalty-Driven Marketing – Award Winning Advice from Anne Schultheis

Recently we spoke with Anne Schultheis, Digital Marketing Manager for Kahala Brands, who submitted an award-winning Pinkberry campaign that was recognized in May by Paytronix with a 2017 Loyaltees Award. The Best Early Adopter award celebrates brands that leverage a new Paytronix feature to benefit their business in 2016. Leveraging Paytronix’s new Target and Control feature, Pinkberry could measure both the ROI and the overall performance of the double-points promotion for a new product trial—Pinkbee’s™ low-fat milk ice cream.

Anne shared some additional insight on how Kahala Brands has leveraged Paytronix for marketing campaigns, and how the loyalty platform is making an impact upon Pinkberry guest engagement.  By using the new Paytronix Target and Control feature, the Pinkberry marketing team was able to measure the effectiveness of two different email headlines, then dive even deeper to determine which headline actually motivated loyalty members to visit its stores.


Paytronix: When did you first start working with Paytronix?

Anne: Pinkberry has been working with Paytronix since 2012. When Kahala Brands acquired Pinkberry in 2015, we were excited to start using more features that Paytronix offers, such as target & control, surveys, segmenting, etc.

Paytronix: Have you run any other promotions since the successful July 4 campaign? 

Anne: We run campaigns monthly that show great success… we do constant target & control as well as A/B testing to ensure we are getting the best results, and several of our campaigns since the July 4th campaign have also shown comparable results when testing subject lines.

Paytronix: Were there any challenges that you learned from running this campaign last summer?

Anne: We learned to look beyond the open rate, since the lower performing e-mail ended up having the higher engagement/sales lift. With that, what can we do to link the open rate with higher engagement rate and keep it there? That’s what we are working on testing now with Paytronix.

Paytronix: What else are you learning about your loyal customers through the tests and data collection?

Anne: We are learning flavor preferences, messaging and sales drivers, incentives that drive visits and encourage guests to return more frequently, retaining guests and making sure they’re happy!

Paytronix: How important is your loyalty program? What do you know about these customers from the data? What other loyalty rewards and promotions do you offer consumers?

Anne: Our loyalty program is one of our most successful points of contact with our guests. With Paytronix, we can bring our punchy, impactful and intriguing messages to life and are able to prove that our loyalty members really respond to great messages with awesome incentives. Our franchisees really appreciate being able to see the bottom of line of how much extra revenue the loyalty program is generating for their business. We offer visit challenges, dollar off, BOGO’s, surprise and delights and a special, super fun one that will be launching in September… you should sign up!


Learn more about how Pinkberry and Kahala Brands drove measurable lift and attribution with new product trials

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