How to Put the “Convenience” Back in Convenience Stores

It’s no secret that consumers want buying things to be easy, fast, and, most of all, convenient. After all, there’s a reason “convenience stores” became popular to begin with.

Unfortunately, today’s average c-store’s convenience factor has been overtaken by other kinds of stores, not to mention websites and apps. But that also means there’s a huge opportunity for convenience stores to reclaim their “convenient” crown.

The numbers don’t lie: 72% of consumers polled would buy more items if a brand hand a convenient delivery option. At the same time, 63% of consumers would pay higher prices for items that they could receive on demand—and 54% browse stores with the expectation that delivery will be an option.

C-stores that deliver on added convenience stand to substantially boost their visits, their average customer spend, and their overall revenue.

But without the big budgets, huge resources, and up-to-the-minute innovations of heavy hitters like Amazon, how can c-stores compete? It’s actually not as impossible as it might seem—in fact, in some ways, it can be relatively simple for c-stores to massively upgrade their convenience factor and deliver customers more of what they want.


Our experts have identified seven key ways convenience stores can increase their ease of use for customers, improving the customer experience and, of course, increasing loyalty and revenue.

From frictionless shopping to integrated technology, we give you the full breakdown of exactly how you can incorporate them in your own c-store.

Get the full details in our free, on-demand webinar, “Convenience On Demand.” The information-packed, 30-minute video empowers c-store owners with the latest loyalty techniques and ensures that you can keep up with the convenience economy.

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Kim Otocki

The Author
Kimberly Otocki is a content marketing specialist at Paytronix working in the convenience store space. With a passion for telling stories, she helps bolster the Paytronix brand through content creation and data analysis. Kimberly loves sharing relevant content to help businesses discover the marketing solutions they need.

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