How hearing from Tom Ryan will ensure you have an excellent guest experience at PXUX

Paytronix knows all about building exceptional guest experiences, thanks to continuous input and guidance from the best. At this year’s PXUX, Smashburger founder and food innovator Tom Ryan will translate his expertise into ideas that will work for you.

In fact, this year Smashburger earned the 2021 Paytronix Loyaltees award for Marketing Innovation Icon. Smashburger’s use of AI to IA sm in the relaunch of its data-driven SmashClub Rewards program drove 6.5% of overall sales growth in 2020. The company spurred sales by tapping into guests’ individual preferences and developing personalized, one-to-one marketing campaigns.

Tom is a born leader and thinker who thrives on putting insight to work.  Earlier this year he shared his thoughts on PX: Think Beyond. Drawing on his mastery of the marketplace through experiences in leading brand strategy for companies from McDonald’s to Pizza Hut to Quiznos to Smashburger, Tom will answer the key questions you didn’t even know you had, like:

How does knowing the most-valued and least-valued aspects of your product or user experience help set your brand apart in a dense, highly competitive, and saturated market? In Tom’s Pizza Hut days, from a creative point of view and from an execution point of view, a very simple strategy enabled Tom’s team to completely recast the competition as less impressive while positioning Pizza Hut as a remarkably innovative (and exceptionally tasty) option.

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What’s the magic about the 80/20 approach that targets the most passionate users of your product? Tom believes that at the core of being a great consumer product developer, you have to be a human behavioralist. That means tapping into the preexisting behavior of your heaviest users to set the tone for success. Addressing the needs, wants, and future desires of a heavy category user means connecting with their passions — whether those passions are driven by taste or convenience or a higher level of service

How can a quality story move heavy users toward your product? Tom’s stories invite you to share in the keen insights he’s built around continuously making a brand fresh – stretching out a product’s lifecycle by ensuring it stays relevant through time. He expounds on strategies for incorporating new features to accommodate the way markets evolve and behavior changes — not just for short-term success, but for long-term excellence

Tom’s stories provide context for the challenges you face – and the strategies you need to overcome them. We often say that, as a food scientist by training, Tom is not your typical restaurateur. But his gift for leveraging marketing and consumer research and his generosity in sharing the stories that can bring you success are exactly what the industry needs right now.

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