Speak With Authority. Use Your Data.

It’s never wise to blindly follow someone just because they speak with authority. You expect them to be able to support their position with more than anecdotal evidence. Paytronix works overtime, gathering and segmenting customer data to inform your decisions, so you can present your campaign and promotion ideas with authority.

When you create account filters in the Paytronix Campaign Center, you can segment your customers and guests in more than 50 different dimensions. There are Activity choices that include the guest’s last activity date, their gift card expiration, the store used and much more. You can select based on Enrollment data, like date, store, or source, or filter based on Profile information like age, postal code, or anniversary date. Based on the traditional 80/20 rule, however, we suspect most of our end users are only taking advantage of a subset of what we make available. With so many options, it’s not surprising. Today there’s one dimension that we’d like you to take a closer look at—Scoring.  

Scoring is unique in loyalty solutions in that it uses predictive analytics to anticipate multiple aspects of your customer’s journey, e.g. historical visits and purchase behavior, to create a score, from Extremely Likely to Extremely Unlikely. For example, by looking at historical visits, the software can determine the likelihood that an individual will visit in the next 30 days. The higher the score, the higher the likelihood. 

With Scoring, you can:

  1. Reduce cannibalization by not giving away rich offers to people who are likely to visit anyway;
  2. Increase the success of your campaigns by avoiding email addresses that are unlikely to respond.

With Paytronix, you can use Scoring to determine which accounts to include, or remove, based on their score. To learn more, view the webinar “Predicting the Future: The Value of Guest Scoring.” We predict it will increase the success of your campaign, and your ability to speak with authority.

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Listening to the market, making recommendations for scalable product requirements, and developing useful content are the services that Michelle’s group brings to Paytronix users. Her constant thirst for marketing results is underpinned by a BS in marketing from Plymouth State University and an MBA from UIC.

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